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Cold Spring Harbor, NY, is a peaceful hamlet and census-designated place within the Town of Huntington, New York. Located on the North Shore of Long Island, the community gets its name from the freshwater springs that flow through the area. Located 90 minutes outside of NYC, many residents living in Cold Spring Harbor are commuters but it’s a good place to live for any demographic.

The hamlet is famous for being the home of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, which has hosted eight Nobel Prize scientists. Many residents love moving to Cold Spring Harbor because it offers low crime, excellent schools, and high quality of life. 

Where Is Cold Spring Harbor, NY?

Cold Spring Harbor is a hamlet in the Town of Huntington in Suffolk County, NY. It’s situated alongside Oyster Bay, which feeds into the Long Island Sound. Cold Spring Harbor is not in Nassau County, but it is very close to the village of Laurel Hollow and Woodbury in Oyster Bay.

Cold Spring Harbor is 38 miles from New York City, or about an hour drive. 

Cold Spring Harbor Population and Demographics

The population of Cold Spring Harbor is 2,864, according to the 2020 Census, which is a 43.6% decrease from 2010. The population density is around 839.3 people per square mile, which is considered relatively low. It’s one of the smallest places in Suffolk County by population but features one of the highest household incomes.

The hamlet has been home to several famous residents, including John Lennon, Sean Hannity, and Nobel Prize winning scientists Barbara McLintock and James Watson. The ethnic makeup of residents living in Cold Spring Harbor is 74% white, 13% Hispanic, 7% Asian, and 5% mixed race.

Additional Cold Spring Harbor Demographics:

  • Sex ratio: 56 females to 44 males over 18
  • Median age: 36.7
  • Median household income: $250,001
  • Educational status: 97.5% have a high school diploma, 84.2% have a bachelor’s degree.
  • Foreign-born population: 11.2%
  • Average commute: 43.5 minutes

The Cold Spring Harbor crime rate is also quite low, and the Town of Huntington has very little crime overall. According to FBI crime data, the crime rate in the area is 72.5% lower than the state overall and 79.2% lower than the country as a whole.The village is a very safe place to live and there was no violent crime in 2020. The chances of being the victim of property crime were only 205 in 100,000 people.



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Cost of Living in Cold Spring Harbor

Before moving to Cold Spring Harbor, you should take stock of the cost of living. Cold Spring Harbor is an affluent area, and the cost of living  can be high. However, it also offers plenty of value for your money.

The cost of living index for Long Island overall is 147, which is 47% higher than the national average of 100. However, the cost of living index for Suffolk County overall is only 132, which is still expensive but a bit more affordable.

According to the Economic Policy Institute, a family of four would need an income of at least $142,178 to comfortably afford to live in Suffolk County, which takes into account the cost of groceries, healthcare, utilities, and other necessities.

Typical Cold Spring Harbor Living Expenses:

  • Meal at an Inexpensive Restaurant: $16.00
  • Regular Cappuccino: $4.56
  • Bottle of Coke: $2.25
  • 1 Gallon of Milk: $3.53
  • Loaf of Bread: $2.89
  • 12 Eggs: $3.22
  • 1 lb Chicken Fiillets: $5.34
  • 1 lb Beef: $6.77
  • 1 lb Apples: $2.16
  • 1 lb White Rice: $1.85
  • Average Cold Spring Harbor Utilities Per Month: $178


The median price of Cold Spring Harbor, NY homes for sale is $1.1 million (which is down by 49.5% since last year) and the average price per square foot is $584. The Cold Spring Harbor real estate market is still somewhat competitive, although not nearly as hot as it was during the pandemic. 

The median price of Cold Spring Harbor houses for sale is more than double the national average of $488,200. Yet, the price of a home in Suffolk County is 1.3x higher than the rest of New York State and 1.5x higher than the rest of the country.

The hamlet doesn’t have much to offer renters, and most residents own their own homes. But you can find apartments for rent in the town of Huntington. Rents in Huntington range from about $2,455 to $4,050 for a studio or 1-bedroom apartment. 

Where to Live in Cold Spring Harbor?

Living in Cold Spring Harbor has many advantages no matter where you buy a home. However, particular areas offer advantages over others. The most coveted homes for sale in Cold Spring Harbor tend to be in the southwest part of the community, yet properties in the east are more affordable. Plus, anything along the water or offering views of the bay is highly desirable.


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Cold Spring Harbor Weather & Climate

The weather in Cold Spring Harbor, NY, is at its most pleasant from mid-June to late September which is the best time to visit. According to the Koppen classification, Suffolk County has a humid subtropical climate with warm summers and cold, snowy winters. 

The average temperature in Cold Spring Harbor ranges from 25° F to 83° F throughout the year. The Cold Spring Harbor winter low is usually around 11° F, and the summer high rarely goes over 90°F. The hamlet averages about 116 days of precipitation annually, with 46 inches of rain and 25 inches of snowfall, so make sure to bring a jacket. 

Things to Do in Cold Spring Harbor

Suffolk County and the Town of Huntington are full of exciting opportunities for the whole family. Residents can find plenty of shopping down at the Cold Harbor Village Shops or in Huntington. Here’s a look at the top Cold Spring Harbor attractions.

The Whaling Museum and Education Center 

Learn about hamlet’s maritime past at the Whaling Museum and Education Center. The museum features exhibits and artifacts that chart Long Island’s nautical history and its impact on the whaling industry. 

The Whaling Museum and Education Center, 301 Main St, Cold Spring Harbor, NY 11724, (631) 367-3418.


Cold Spring Harbor State Park 

Cold Spring Harbor State Park is a 47-acre state park located off route 25A. Visitors can enjoy a 4.2-mile hiking trail, scenic views of the adjacent harbor and family-friendly activities like cross country skiing and birdwatching.

Cold Spring Harbor State Park, 95 Harbor Rd, Cold Spring Harbor, NY 11724, (631) 423-1770

Cold Spring Harbor Village Shops

Located along Main Street, the Cold Spring Harbor Village Shops are the perfect place to spend a weekend afternoon. Visitors will find antiques, clothing boutiques, wine shops, florists, candle makers, and so much more

Cold Spring Harbor Village Shops, 405 Main Street, Cold Spring Harbor, NY 11724 (631) 470-8279


Other Notable Attractions in Cold Spring Harbor:


Looking for more fun things to do in Cold Spring Harbor? There are nearly 100 parks, beaches, and hiking trails nearby, maintained by the Huntington Parks Department.


Cold Spring Harbor Restaurants

Long Island is well known for its seafood, and you’ll find many delicious restaurants in Cold Spring Harbor. 



The Sandbar is an upscale restaurant on Main Street serving New American cuisine. Patrons will find a comfortable atmosphere and delectable dishes like lobster pot pie and spiced duck two ways. 


Sandbar, 55 Main St, Cold Spring Harbor, NY 11724 , (631) 498-6188



Grasso’s is a laidback eatery serving classic dishes accompanied by live jazz music. Visitors can sink their teeth into a nice filet mignon or Long Island duck while listening to talented local musicians. 


Grasso’s, 134 Main St, Cold Spring Harbor, NY 11724, (631) 367-6060


Harbor Mist Restaurant

Harbor Mist is one of the best restaurants in Cold Spring Harbor on the water and offers panoramic views, along with pasta, seafood, and wine. 


Harbor Mist Restaurant, 105 Harbor Rd, Cold Spring Harbor, NY 11724, (631) 659-3888


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Jobs in Cold Spring Harbor

The hamlet has a robust economy that employs 1,550 people and has seen a growth of 8.45% year over year. The biggest industries in the town are Professional, Technical, and Scientific Services, Education, and Healthcare. The unemployment rate in the area is 6.1%, and the job market has seen a 0.9% increase over the past year. 

The largest employer is the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, voted the top Long Island workplace in 2020. Most Cold Spring Harbor Jobs are at the laboratory, which pays an average salary of $45,069 to a research technician, $85,072 to a researcher, and $114,231 to an assistant professor. 


Cold Spring Harbor Schools

The Cold Spring Harbor School District includes four schools and has about 1,500 students enrolled. USA News and World Report ranked the district at 298th in the country and 34th in New York State. The district maintains a graduation rate of 98% and a reading proficiency of 99%. The Huntington Union Free School District also serves certain parts of the hamlet and ranks highly for test scores and graduation rates. 

Residents can also check out the Cold Spring Harbor Library and Environmental Center, which hosts frequent events and educational programs. 


Cold Spring Harbor Statistics and Information

  • County: Suffolk County
  • Cold Spring Harbor Area: 3.58 sq miles
  • Cold Spring Harbor Zip Code: 11724 and 11743
  • Col Spring Harbor Elevation: 33 ft
  • Cold Spring Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time 
  • Closest Airport: The McArthur Airport aka the Islip Airport is 28.2 miles away. 


Cold Spring Harbor City Map

Explore more things to do, restaurants and amenities with this map of Cold Spring Harbor.


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