Richest Neighborhoods in Long Island [2022] | 🏠💲 What are Long Island’s Wealthiest Neighborhoods?

Love the city but want to be by the water? Then Long Island is the place for you! Close to beautiful beaches, downtown nightlife, and non-stop events, you won’t need much convincing to move to Long Island. Not to mention, the richest neighborhoods on Long Island are unbeatable with their amazing homes, walkability, high-end attractions, and so much more. You might be wondering which neighborhood on Long Island is right for you. To help you figure out which neighborhood is best for you, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 richest neighborhoods on Long Island. 

In our list, we discuss what it’s like to live in each neighborhood. We’ll talk about the homes in the area, walkable places, what to see, schools, crime level, and much more. 

We want to note that these are the top RICHEST Long Island neighborhoods, not the wealthiest. When we say “rich” we mean someone with either a sizable amount of money in the bank or with a high yearly income. When we talk about “wealthy”, on the other hand, we mean the amount of what you own or inherit. 

One more thing before we get into it: We are only including actual neighborhoods on Long Island. The population and household incomes data come from the US census, and the housing data comes from Redfin. 

Top 10 Richest Neighborhoods on Long Island

1. Sagaponack 

At the top of our list of richest neighborhoods on Long Island is Sagaponack. Sagaponack isn’t just the most expensive Long Island location (and zip code), it’s the second-most expensive place to live in the U.S. Located in the town of Southampton, it’s a very desirable location since it’s right along the Atlantic Ocean. Living in Sagaponack is peaceful, tranquil, and restorative since it’s away from the larger villages. Residents bicycle to nearby fruits and vegetable stands from local farmers and enjoy peaceful barefoot walks along the water. Even though it’s quiet, it’s close to many nearby attractions and big cities with luxurious and high-end shopping, dining, and events. 

This neighborhood is perfect for those looking for a peaceful, luxurious neighborhood away from the hustle and bustle. 

  • Sagaponack population: 264 people
  • Sagaponack zip codes: 11962
  • Sagaponack median household income: $125,833
  • Sagaponack average home price: $4.25 Million
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2. Bridgehampton 

Second on our list in Bridgehampton. Like Sagaponack, Bridgehampton is located in Suffolk County. The homes in the area are luxurious farmhouse-style with plenty of outdoor spaces to explore. Even though only a few hundred people live here, being a rich area in Long Island, Bridgehampton is desirable for everyone of all ages, including wealthy families and rich retirees. For families, the schools in the area are above average and the crime rate is very low. It’s the most desirable for equestrian fans. There are multiple riding events here, including the Hamptons Classic and the Bridgehampton Polo Club’s matches. Even though the neighborhood is quite luxurious, it offers a peaceful, slowed-down life compared to the big cities. There are quaint shops, dining, and wineries in the area. However, if you want the big city feel, it is a close drive from the busy cities. 

This neighborhood is perfect for those looking for a slowed-down, high-end neighborhood.

  • Bridgehampton population: 1,323 people
  • Bridgehampton zip codes: 11932
  • Bridgehampton median household income: $94,028
  • Bridgehampton average home price: $3.7 Million
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3. Amagansett

Next on our list is a Hampton in between Montauk and East Hampton. Known as ‘The Dune’, Amagansett is a beachfront neighborhood filled with stunning estates and beach cottages. For the most stunning ocean views and breathtaking sunsets, Bluff Road is the place to buy. Of course, Amagansett is great for wealthy retirees, but it’s one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Long Island and a great place for affluent young professionals and families. The schools in the area are above average, there are plenty of bars, restaurants, and cafes nearby, and tons of outdoor space to explore. Plus, it’s just a short distance to everything the big cities have to offer. 

This neighborhood is perfect for affluent families and young professionals looking to enjoy the stunning Atlantic Ocean.

  • Amagansett population: 739 people
  • Amagansett zip codes: 11930
  • Amagansett median household income: $104,120
  • Amagansett average home price: $4.1 Million
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4. Manhasset 

Next on the list is Manhasset, a suburb of New York City located in Nassau County. Manhasset is on the North Shore, with less water access than the other rich neighborhoods. However, unlike most of the other wealthy neighborhoods on Long Island, Manhasset has a very ‘suburban’ feel. This makes it a great community to raise a family in the New York area. Residents can enjoy quiet suburban living while still having close access to the city and all of its amenities and attractions. If you hop on the commuter train, you can be in the city in less than 30 minutes!

This neighborhood is perfect for wealthy families looking to be close to the city.

  • Manhasset population: 7,985 people
  • Manhasset zip codes: 11020, 11021, 11030
  • Manhasset median household income: $177,321
  • Manhasset average home price: $1.56 Million
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5. Water Mill

Next up is Water Mill. Water Mill is a hamlet in the Town of Southampton. What stands out about Water Mill is its 300- year history and exciting art scene. It’s home to the Water Mill Center, which hosts many art-related shows and events. Water Mill also houses the Parrish Art Museum and the Water Mill Museum. Just like the other neighborhoods, Water Mill has a small population with beautiful scenery, making it a very exclusive neighborhood. You can find many beachfront homes and homes with plenty of land and greenery.

  • Water Mill population: 1,631 people
  • Water Mill zip codes: 11968, 11976
  • Water Mill median household income: $155,278
  • Water Mill average home price: $1.6 Million
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6. Old Westbury 

Next, is Old Westbury, a neighborhood located in the town of Oyster Bay and the town of North Hempstead. Compared to the other neighborhoods, Old Westbury has a larger population. However, it still has a rural, peaceful feel. Old Westbury is known as one of the top five richest zip codes in New York state. What stands out about Old Westbury is the Old Westbury Gardens, since they are frequently visited by residents and tourists. The gardens were named one of the best public gardens in the WORLD. Living in Old Westbury gives you access to many highly-rated schools, employment opportunities, transportation, and leisure activities. 

  • Old Westbury population: 4,670 people
  • Old Westbury zip codes: 11545, 11568
  • Old Westbury median household income: $220,048
  • Old Westbury average home price: $8.78 Million
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7. Brookville 

Next up is Brookville, which is located in Oyster Bay in Nassau County. What really stands out about Brookville is the fact that it is in one of the top school districts in Long Island. Also, the New York Institute of Technology, which is an over 1,000-acre campus, is located in Brookville. Also located in Brookville is the largest campus of Long Island University. Given that it is a very family-friendly, high scholar area, the crime rate in Brookville is 87% lower than the national average. Not only is it great for families, but the estates in Brookville are also stunning. 

  • Brookville population: 3,586 people
  • Brookville zip codes: 11545, 11568
  • Brookville median household income: $250,001
  • Brookville average home price: $1.95 Million
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8. East Hills 

One of the more populated neighborhoods on our list is East Hills. Located on the North Shore of Long Island, East Hills is actually considered part of Greater Roslyn in the Town of North Hempstead, and a small portion of it is in the Town of Oyster. Most of the residents in East Hills are wealthy business people, you won’t find many retirees here. The area has many family-friendly community events held in the central park of East Hills. You’ll also find small dining and shopping close by. If you want bigger stores and restaurants, the city is only about a 30-minute car drive, traffic dependent. The neighborhood is very well kept with beautiful, spacious homes and its own security force and private sanitation

  • East Hills population: 7,147 people
  • East Hills zip codes: 11548, 11576, 11577
  • East Hills median household income: $224,583
  • East Hills average home price: $1.35 Million
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9. Muttontown 

Located on Long Island’s North Shore in the Town of Oyster Bay is Muttontown. Muttontown is a neighborhood right next to the Village of Brookville and Oyster Bay Cove. This area is known as being a part of the Gold Coast of Long Island, meaning it is a prime spot for beautiful estates and natural preserves. Muttontown is home to the Knollwood Estate, which was a Gold Coast era house and estate. The estate’s ruins are now a part of the Muttontown Preserve and are an amazing way to see the neighborhood’s history. 

  • Muttontown population: 3,669 people
  • Muttontown zip codes: 11545, 11732, 11753, 11771, 11791
  • Muttontown median household income: $212,950
  • Muttontown average home price: $2.26 Million
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10. Quogue 

Last on our list is Quogue, located close to Hampton Beach in Suffolk County. Quogue has one of the highest average home prices and doesn’t have a lot of residents, making it have a very rural feel compared to city life. Quogue is also located on a bay, which is great for taking the boat out without having to be on the Atlantic Ocean or being on busy beaches. For wealthy families, it’s a great area since there are very high-rated schools and a low crime rate. Overall, Quogue has everything, from beaches and wildlife, to nearby shops and restaurants. There’s even a Quogue Historic District which has a lot of history and homes dating back from the 18th century. 

  • Quogue population: 558 people
  • Quogue zip codes: 11959, 11978
  • Quogue median household income: $70,455
  • Quogue average home price: $3.88 Million
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Map of the Richest Neighborhoods in Long Island

Any of these neighborhoods will bring you an upscale, luxurious experience while living close to the city. You won’t regret moving to Long Island with something to make everyone happy. We’re excited about your new journey and we want to make things easier for you. When you’re ready, call the reliable, experienced Long Island movers at Zippboxx at 631-600-0000

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