Towns in Suffolk County – 🏆 COMPLETE List of Suffolk County Towns & Villages with Population, Data, Information & More!

Are you considering living on Long Island? With its beautiful coastline, top-rated cultural attractions, world-class golf courses and entertainment, and famous resorts, Long Island definitely offers a great quality of life. It’s no surprise Long Island is experiencing a major population boom!

Suffolk County is one of two counties comprising Long Island and it’s famous for The Hamptons and the Gold Coast. Whether you’re just planning a visit to Long Island or you’re considering settling down, a good place to start is exploring towns in Suffolk County.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to the Suffolk County towns and villages, including top attractions, demographics, and more!

Suffolk County Towns and Villages and Hamlets – What’s the Difference?

If you’re from outside New York, the terminology used to refer to places can be very confusing. For instance, if you’re looking for cities in Suffolk County, NY, you won’t find any, despite a population of more than 1.5 million! In fact, New York state has only 62 cities total!

New York is divided into counties, cities, towns, and villages as well as hamlets and census-designated places (CDPs). In New York City, there are five boroughs which are coterminous with counties but do not have a county government.

  • Cities are very autonomous incorporated areas. They are classified as “incorporated places” by the U.S. Census Bureau.
  • Towns are municipal corporations and they are similar to townships in other states. The U.S. Census Bureau classifies Suffolk County towns as “minor civil divisions.” Towns are always within one county, but cities and villages can cross county lines.
  • Villages are a step below towns. They provide local services to residents and have their own governments.
  • Hamlets are communities that are not incorporated and have no local government or local services.
  • Census-designated places are populated areas that are defined for statistical purposes by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Towns in Suffolk County may contain villages, hamlets, and/or CDPs. Many towns even have villages by the same name to make matters even more confusing!

Remember that the difference between villages and hamlets is simply the government structure and whether the communities have incorporated. Population is not a factor. You’ll find many incorporated villages in Suffolk County with fewer than 100 people, and unincorporated hamlets in the same town with tens of thousands of people!

About Suffolk County, New York

Suffolk County is New York’s easternmost county and the fourth most populous county in New York after Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan, all boroughs of New York City.

Where is Suffolk County, NY? Suffolk County is one of four counties on Long Island and located on the island’s eastern end. Brooklyn and Queens are also on Long Island, but they are part of NYC. When people refer to Long Island, they are referring to Suffolk County and Nassau County collectively.

Suffolk County, Long Island borders Nassau County to the west and is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. Suffolk County is famous for The Hamptons, an affluent seaside resort on the South Shore, world-class golfing, pristine beaches, wildlife refugees and parks, and Long Island’s Gold Coast on the North Shore, a region on the North Coast along the Long Island Sound known for its lavish estates and wealth. The county has more than 1,000 miles of coastline to enjoy!

Most people live in western Suffolk County. Because Long Island is a popular summertime destination for New Yorkers and out-of-towners, many of whom stay for the entire summer, the county’s population swells during the summer. Eastern Suffolk County alone sees its population increase by over 200,000 during the summer. In the Town of Babylon alone in the western part of the county, the summertime population doubles from about 200,000 to 400,000.

Suffolk County Demographics

  • Suffolk County population: 1,476,601
  • Area: 911.8 square miles
  • Population density: 1,619 people per square miles
  • Median age: 41.8
  • Suffolk County median household income: $106,228
  • Suffolk County median home price: $525,000
  • Education attainment: 91% high school grad or higher; 38% bachelor’s degree or higher

#1. Brookhaven

  • Brookhaven population: 485,773
  • Population growth: -0.5% from 2010 to 2020
  • Area: 259.4 square miles
  • Population density: 1,954 people per square mile
  • Median age: 40
  • Brookhaven median household income: $100,957
  • Brookhaven, NY median home price: $509,500
  • Educational attainment: 92% high school grad or higher; 35% bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Brookhaven, NY map

Brookhaven is the largest of the ten towns in Suffolk County, NY with a population the size of a large city. It’s also the largest town by area in all of New York state and the second largest New York town by population after the Town of Hempstead in Nassau County. It’s the only town in the county stretching from the South Shore to the North Shore.

Eight villages of Suffolk County are in Brookhaven:

  • Patchogue (pop. 12,000)
  • Lake Grove (pop. 11,000)
  • Port Jefferson (pop. 7,700)
  • Bellport (pop. 2,000)
  • Belle Terre (pop. 1,000)
  • Poquott (pop. 1,000)
  • Old Field (pop. 1,000)
  • Shoreham (pop. 500)

There are also around 50 hamlets in the town, including the hamlet of Brookhaven. Many hamlets are far larger than any village including the hamlets of Centereach (pop. 31,500), Medford (pop. 24,000), and Ridge (pop. 13,000).

Brookhaven is a major tourist destination on Long Island with shopping, entertainment, and historic attractions including:

The town is home to Stony Brook University and Brookhaven National Laboratory, renowned research centers that account for about half of all jobs in the county.

#2. Islip

  • Islip population: 339,938
  • Population growth: +1.3% from 2010 to 2020
  • Area: 103.8 square miles
  • Population density: 3,176 people per square mile
  • Median age: 39.1
  • Islip median household income: $106,442
  • Islip, NY median home price: $459,000
  • Educational attainment: 88% high school grad or higher; 31% bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Islip, NY map

Islip is the second largest town in Suffolk County, NY and the 4th largest town or city in New York after New York City (8.8 million), the Town of Hempstead (793,000) in Nassau County, and the Town of Brookhaven (pop. 485,000) also in Suffolk County.

Islip is home to four villages (including two on Fire Island) and two dozen hamlets. The largest are:

  • Brightwaters village (pop. 3,000)
  • Islandia village (pop. 3,300)
  • Ocean Beach village (pop. 79)
  • Saltaire village (pop. 37)
  • Brentwood hamlet (pop. 60,600)
  • Central Islip hamlet (pop. 35,000)
  • West Islip hamlet (pop. 27,000)
  • Holbrook (pop. 27,000) shared with Brookhaven
  • Bay Shore (pop. 26,000)
  • Hauppauge hamlet (pop. 21,000) shared with Smithtown
  • Holtsville hamlet (pop. 20,000) shared with Brookhaven
  • Lake Ronkonkoma hamlet (pop. 20,000) shared with Smithtown and Brookhaven
  • Islip hamlet (pop. 19,000)
  • North Bay Shore hamlet (pop. 19,000)
  • Ronkonkoma hamlet (pop. 19,000) shared with Brookhaven

Islip is one of the most affordable towns in Suffolk County with plenty of things to do. The town’s main beach is Islip Beach. Other top outdoor destinations include the 1,600-acre wooded Heckscher State Park with a 19th century estate and sports fields, Brentwood State Park, and the Cape Cod Recreation Center. Islip is also home to the SUSA sports Complex and the Fairfield Properties Ballpark, a 6,000-seat stadium and home of the Long Island Ducks.

#3. Babylon

  • Babylon population: 218,223
  • Population growth: +2.2% from 2010 to 2020
  • Area: 52.2 square miles
  • Population density: 4,027 people per square mile
  • Median age: 40.4
  • Babylon median household income: $100,422
  • Babylon, NY median home price: $599,000
  • Educational attainment: 90% high school grad or higher; 30% bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Babylon, NY map

Babylon is the largest of Suffolk County towns near Nassau County. The Town of Babylon is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and Nassau County and it’s just 20 miles outside Queens, New York City and 30 miles from Manhattan. Babylon includes parts of Fire Island, Captree Island, and Jones Beach Island. There are three Suffolk County villages within the Town of Babylon:

  • Lindenhurst village (pop. 27,000)
  • Babylon village (pop. 12,000)
  • Amityville village (pop. 9,700), famous as the setting of The Amityville Horror

Babylon is best known as the gateway to Fire Island and other barrier beaches. The town has long been home to seaside resorts with many shops, restaurants, and fairs. Residents enjoy excellent outdoor recreation at the Belmont Lake State Park, the Venetian Shores Park and beach, and the Adventure Park at Long Island, an adventure sports center with zip lines.

#4. Huntington

  • Huntington population: 204,127
  • Population growth: +0.4% from 2010 to 2020
  • Area: 94.1 square miles
  • Population density: 2,130 people per square mile
  • Median age: 46.5
  • Huntington median household income: $135,689
  • Huntington, NY median home price: $847,500
  • Educational attainment: 94% high school grad or higher; 57% bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Huntington, NY map

The Town of Huntington is last on this list of towns in Suffolk County with a population of more than 200,000. The town is located on Long Island’s north shore next to Nassau County. It’s the most affluent of all Suffolk County, New York towns.

Huntington is home to four Suffolk County villages:

  • Asharoken (pop. 600)
  • Huntington Bay (pop. 1,500)
  • Lloyd Harbor (pop. 4,000)
  • Northport (pop. 7,500)

There are also more than one dozen hamlets including Huntington Station (pop. 33,000), East Northport (pop. 20,000), Melville (pop. 19,000), and the small hamlet of Huntington. Cold Spring Harbor, a CDP of 5,000 people in the Town of Huntington, was recently ranked the best place to live in Suffolk County!

Huntington is a popular bedroom community for New York City commuters with plenty of cultural and historic attractions and beautiful beaches. It’s at the heart of Long Island’s Gold Coast, a nickname for this region of the North Shore known for its affluence and lavish mansions. During the summer months, Crab Meadow Beach is one of the top destinations with a boardwalk, kayak launch, and playground.

Residents enjoy golfing at several local country clubs and top-rated parks like the Caumsett State Historic Park Preserve on the bay and Heckscher Park, also an historic district in the Town of Huntington. You can also spend the day exploring the Heckscher art museum or the Vanderbilt Museum and Planetarium in the hamlet of Centerport. On date night, catch a show at The Paramount then enjoy a waterfront meal at Prime.

#5. Smithtown

  • Smithtown population: 116,034
  • Population growth: -1.3% from 2010 to 2020
  • Area: 53.8 square miles
  • Population density: 2,159 people per square mile
  • Median age: 46.6
  • Smithtown median household income: $122,039
  • Smithtown, NY median home price: $635,000
  • Educational attainment: 96% high school grad or higher, 49% bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Smithtown, NY map

As one of the wealthiest towns in Suffolk County, Smithtown offers a great quality of life with excellent schools and attractions, even though you’ll have to drive out of town to hit the beach. Smithtown is located along the Nissequogue River on the north shore of Long Island between Brookhaven, Huntington, and Islip. There are several villages and hamlets in the Town of Smithtown. The largest are:

  • Village of the Branch (pop. 2,000)
  • Village of Nissequogue (pop. 2,000)
  • Village of Head of the Harbor (pop. 1,500)
  • Hamlet of Commack (pop. 36,000) shared with Huntington
  • Hamlet of Hauppauge (pop. 21,000) shared with Islip
  • Hamlet of Kings Park (pop. 17,000)
  • Hamlet of Lake Ronkonkoma (pop. 20,000) shared with Brookhaven and Islip)
  • Hamlet of Smithtown (pop. 26,500)

Smithtown is known for its excellent outdoor attractions. Explore nature, hike, and fish at Caleb Smith State Park, the Sweet Briar Nature Center, and Hoyt Farms, one of the top family-friendly attractions on the North Shore with a water park, nature museum, playgrounds, and nature preserve. Spend an afternoon wine tasting at Harmony Vineyards or hit the greens at the waterfront Smithtown Landing Golf Course.

#6. Southampton

  • Southampton population: 69,036
  • Population growth: +21.5% from 2010 to 2020
  • Area: 139.4 square miles
  • Population density: 417 people per square mile
  • Median age: 46
  • Southampton median household income: $95,281
  • Southampton, NY median home price: $1.09 million
  • Educational attainment: 91% high school grad or higher; 42% bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Southampton, NY map

Located in southeastern Suffolk County on Long Island’s South Fork, Southampton ranks sixth on the list of Suffolk County towns by population. It’s the oldest and largest town along the shore known as The Hamptons, a collection of wealthy enclaves and famed resort area for celebrities. The population of the Hamptons, which stretches less than 50 miles, more than triples every summer! The year-round population has exploded since the COVID-19 pandemic, however, with many leaving New York and causing Long Island home prices to skyrocket.

Southampton is home to seven villages:

  • North Haven (pop. 900)
  • Quogue (pop. 900)
  • Sag Harbor (pop. 2,000) shared with East Hampton
  • Sagaponack (pop. 300)
  • Village of Southampton (pop. 3,000)
  • Westhampton Beach (pop. 1,700)
  • West Hampton Dunes (pop. 55)

There are also 16 hamlets in the Town of Southampton. The largest hamlets include Hampton Bays (pop. 13,500), East Quogue (pop. 4,800), Noyack (pop. 3,500), North Sea (pop. 4,500), and Flanders (pop. 4,500).

Southampton has so much to offer that draws in visitors – and turns them into seasonal and full-time residents. The town has two public golf courses as well as the Shinnecock Hills Golf Club, a links-style golf club ranked the 5th Greatest Golf Course in America by Golf Digest! You’ll enjoy excellent outdoor recreation at the Pine Neck Marina with an off-leash dog park and bird watching at the Old Ponquogue Bridge Marine Park.

Southampton also boasts some of the best beaches in The Hamptons including Southampton Beach, Ponquogue Beach on Shinnecock Inlet, and Cooper’s Beach with umbrella rentals and concessions.

#7. Riverhead

  • Riverhead population: 35,902
  • Population growth: +7.2% from 2010 to 2020
  • Area: 67.4 square miles
  • Population density: 498 people per square mile
  • Median age: 46.8
  • Riverhead median household income: $73,161
  • Riverhead, NY median home price: $473,000
  • Educational attainment: 88% high school grad or higher; 29% bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Riverhead, NY map

The Town of Riverhead is on the North Shore of Long Island. Even though it’s only #7 among Suffolk County towns by population, it’s the county seat. However, most county offices are located in the hamlet of Hauppauge shared by the towns of Islip and Smithtown. Along with Southold Town, Riverhead Town experienced the largest increase in population among western Suffolk County towns since the last census.

Riverhead may be small, but it’s home to some of the best attractions in Long Island. There are several cultural attractions like the Long Island Science Center and the Railroad Museum of Long Island. Riverhead is famous for the Long Island Aquarium with sea lions, shark dives, boat rides, and the opportunity to feed stingrays! Families also appreciate the Safari Adventure, a kids’ amusement center in Riverhead.

With excellent amenities and home prices far lower than surrounding towns, it’s easy to see why Riverhead is one of the best Suffolk County towns to raise a family!

#8. Southold

  • Southold population: 23,732
  • Population growth: +8% from 2010 to 2020
  • Area: 53.8 square miles
  • Population density: 412 people per square mile
  • Median age: 55.4
  • Southold median household income: $81,094
  • Southold, NY median home price: $874,000
  • Educational attainment: 93% high school grad or higher; 41% bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Southold, NY map

Southold is a quiet waterfront hamlet on Long Island’s North Fork. One of the smallest Suffolk County towns on Long Island, Southold is known for its vineyards, quiet beaches, and friendly residents. The close-knit community features frequent community events and festivals, and it feels like a place where everyone knows each other. It’s even common for neighbors to share kayaks and bikes.

The Town of Southold is home to one village, Greenport (pop. 2,100), and several hamlets like Mattituck (pop. 4,000), Cutchogue (pop. 3,400. There is also a CDP and hamlet called Southold within the town with over 6,000 residents, but its borders extend beyond the town itself.

What draws people into Southold? Along with its small-town charm, it offers excellent proximity to waterways with beautiful homes on the water, more access points than you’ll find on the South Fork, and beaches that aren’t packed with tourists.

#9. East Hampton

  • East Hampton population: 28,385
  • Population growth: +32.3% from 2010 to 2020
  • Area: 74.3 square miles
  • Population density: 295 people per square mile
  • Median age: 52
  • East Hampton median household income: $96,687
  • East Hampton, NY median home price: $1.7 million
  • Educational attainment: 92% high school grad or higher; 48% bachelor’s degree or higher
  • East Hampton, NY map

The Town of East Hampton is located on the South Shore of Long Island in southeastern Suffolk County. East Hampton is one of the most expensive towns in Suffolk County, New York and it’s part of The Hamptons enclave.

East Hampton is home to two villages and five hamlets:

  • East Hampton village (pop. 1,000)
  • Sag Harbor village (pop. 2,000) shared with Southampton
  • Springs hamlet (pop. 6,500)
  • Montauk hamlet (pop. 3,300)
  • Amagansett hamlet (pop. 1,200)
  • Wainscott hamlet (pop. 600)
  • Napeague hamlet (pop. 200)

East Hampton is a small community known for its pristine beaches. Hampton Main Beach has a snack bar while Two Mile Hollow Beach and Georgica Beach are usually less crowded.

#10. Shelter Island

  • Shelter Island population: 3,253
  • Population growth: +36% from 2010 to 2020
  • Area: 12.2 square miles
  • Population density: 229 people per square mile
  • Median age: 43
  • Shelter Island median household income: $84,643
  • Shelter Island, NY median home price: $2.87 million
  • Educational attainment: 97% high school grad or higher; 56% bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Shelter Island, NY map

On the east end of Long Island about 2.5 hours from New York City is Shelter Island. The island is the smallest of all Suffolk County towns by population, although it experienced the most substantial population growth over the last decade. It’s also one of the most expensive places to live on Long Island.

Shelter Island is a beautiful community surrounded by turquoise waters and sandy beaches, but it comes with many challenges for residents. A certain degree of affluence is a necessity in a community that can only be reached by ferry without home mail delivery or shopping outside of a grocery store, hardware store, bookstore, and pharmacy.

Shelter Island is popular with part-time residents with a population that swells 5x during the summer months.

List of Cities in Suffolk County(Table)

Here is a complete list of cities in Suffolk County, sorted first by population, then other metrics from the US Census. Education Level is the % of the population that has finished high school. The Population Growth is from 2010 to 2019. If they exist, under Type, we have included cities, towns, villages, census designated places and more.

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Suffolk County Towns Map

List of Towns in Suffolk County

Suffolk County Towns FAQ

How many people live in Suffolk County?

The population of Suffolk County is 1.47 million. It is the larger of two counties of Long Island.

What is the most populous town in Suffolk County?

Brookhaven is the largest town in Suffolk County with a population of 485,773.

What cities are in Suffolk County, NY?

There are no cities in Suffolk County, New York, but there are ten towns.

What are the towns in Suffolk County?

The ten towns in Suffolk County are Brookhaven, Islip, Babylon, Huntington, Smithtown, Southampton, Riverhead, Southold, East Hampton, and Shelter Island. Note that there are also villages or hamlets by the same name in each town.

How many Suffolk County towns and villages are there?

There are ten towns in Suffolk County, NY and 64 villages. There are a total of 126 municipal corporations. There are also hundreds of hamlets and census-designated places.

Which of These Suffolk County Towns Is Right for You?

Suffolk County is one of the most exciting places to live in the New York City metro area. With excellent schools, pristine beaches, golfing, and outdoor recreation – not to mention lower home prices than New York City and more space – what’s not to love?

If you’ve settled on a town in Suffolk County to make your home, Zippboxx is here to help you get settled in without the hassle, stress, and hard work. Give us a call for a free moving quote today!

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