Six Small Bedroom Storage Ideas That Optimize Your Space

When it comes to the room in your home that acts as a refuge, there’s no room quite like your own bedroom. It’s the room where you lay your head down to sleep, and the area where you house the majority of your personal belongings. It’s a truly magical and intimate place where you can shut the door and tune out the rest of the world for a little while. What happens though when you have a small bedroom and lots of things to store in there? All of a sudden what was supposed to be your haven, has turned into a breeding ground for clutter. But do not fret, there are plenty of storage solutions around to assist in retaining the personal retreat status of your bedroom.

Here are six ways to increase your storage space and keep your tiny bedroom from looking cluttered!

Utilize the space under your bed.

Now we all know that monsters don’t live under the bed, but things you need storage space for sure can! This storage spot in your bedroom is especially useful because it’s a discrete area that does a great job of keeping things hidden. Be sure to keep this area organized though, do not just start throwing things underneath the bed. Bins, pull-out compartments and drawers with wheels that you can roll out, are extremely helpful in keeping the space under your bed neat.

Heighten your storage with your headboard.

If you have a bed, then you most likely also have a headboard. Instead of having a decorative headboard, switch to a practical one!

There are many different headboards out there for purchase that include shelving and storage.

Organize your dresser to save space.

Instead of shoving articles of clothing into your dresser drawers, fold them and organize them in a way that effectively utilizes your drawer space. Check out this video for clothes folding tips!

Consider what you keep in your closet.

Bedroom closets can be chaotic, there’s no doubt about that. With so much to house, ranging from clothing to shoes to accessories, the closet in your bedroom can quickly turn into a disorderly mess. While organizing your closet can certainly help, getting some of that stuff out of the closet is an even better solution. One great way to clear up space in your closet is by storing your out of seasonal clothing, shoes and accessories!

Here at Zippboxx we’ll pick up your out of season wardrobe, store it for you, and then deliver it back upon request. Simply switch it out as the seasons change! That way you’ll always have extra space in your closet.

Move things up with shelving.

When you’re dealing with a small bedroom you’re lacking square footage, but don’t forget about all of your unused vertical space! Install some floating shelves and use those for additional small bedroom storage space.

Have a functional nightstand.

Your nightstand shouldn’t be a table that can only hold a lamp, an alarm clock, and your cell phone. It should be a functional fixture in your room! When choosing a nightstand, pick out one that has drawers. This will create extra storage spots, and best of all, ones that are close by when you’re in bed.

You could even use a small dresser as a bedside table instead of a typical nightstand!

Rob Marchese
Rob Marchese is one of the founders of Zippboxx Moving and Storage. Since the start of the company it's been Rob's mission to change the way the moving industry is perceived.  The number one goal is to make the moving and storage process as stress free as possible for each and every customer. "The way we do this is by honesty, transparency, and providing a high quality of service."
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