Why You Should Adopt A Minimalist Lifestyle & Learn To Live With Less

Have you ever felt like you concentrate too much on material things? Do you have a bad habit of surrounding yourself with stuff? If so, rest assured that you are not alone. In today’s society, where capitalism reigns supreme, people are constantly being bombarded with consumerism.

From television and radio advertisements, to email promotions, to the unremitting social pressure to keep up with their peers when it comes to accumulating things, there seems to be no escape. For every action though, there is also a reaction and that’s where minimalism comes into play.

Minimalism is an ideology that goes directly against consumerism. With minimalism people are encouraged to reduce their spending on things that aren’t essential and enjoy living with less. Does switching over to a minimalist lifestyle seem impossible to do? We assure you it’s not! Check out these reasons why you should adopt a minimalist lifestyle and start concentrating on the things that really matter.

Things Don’t Equal Happiness
Everyone knows the old adage that money can’t buy you happiness, money can just buy you more and more things and stuff drags us down. According to an article from Time, “The connection between our stuff and our self-esteem is a two-way street: If we become less materialistic, our well-being will improve. If our well-being improves, we tend to be less materialistic.”

Clutter Is Bad For You
Studies have shown that clutter affects you negatively in a plethora of ways. It has been shown to cause brain fog, sense overload and cause unhealthy eating habits. And that’s just some of the negative effects of clutter!

Less = More
When you spend less, you get to retain more of your hard earned money! Now that’s something everyone can get behind! When you spend less on material things you also have more money to spend on experiences which help you grow as a person and learn more.

Reduced Cleaning
Who doesn’t want to spend less time cleaning? When you switch over to a minimalist lifestyle the time and effort you have to expend on cleaning is significantly reduced. Just think of all the extra time you’ll have to spend on leisure activities, with friends and family and pursuing your personal goals.

Smarter Consumer
You’re an intelligent person, don’t let big corporations and advertisers swindle you into thinking that you need whatever it is that they’re selling. When you adopt a minimalist lifestyle you become much more conscious of your buying habits and more particular about what you spend your money on.

No Strings Attached
When you have less stuff, there are less things tying you down! Revel in the freedom that comes with not having as much material things and worry less when it comes time to travel.

Now that you know the basics as to why a minimalist lifestyle is a positive one, we understand that simply throwing out all of the stuff that you’ve accumulated over the years isn’t practical. There are always going to be things, especially those of sentimental value, that you want to hold onto – though maybe not in your own home! By using an On-Demand Storage company like Zippboxx, you can treat the storage facility as an extension of your home! That way the clutter is kept at bay, you get to keep the things you love, and you can still enjoy all of the positive aspects of living a minimalist lifestyle.

Rob Marchese
Rob Marchese is one of the founders of Zippboxx Moving and Storage. Since the start of the company it's been Rob's mission to change the way the moving industry is perceived.  The number one goal is to make the moving and storage process as stress free as possible for each and every customer. "The way we do this is by honesty, transparency, and providing a high quality of service."
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