Underutilized Storage Spaces: 10 Under The Stairs Storage Ideas

There are various places within the home that space goes unutilized, with under the stairs being a big one. This unused space is especially wasted since many people complain of not having enough extra storage space in their houses, yet this storage area is perfect for a multitude of things. While the section underneath the stairs has the potential to be a small closet to stow away coats, shoes, umbrellas, shovels and the like, it is also an optimal spot for positioning a desk in and creating a small office area. There really is an endless amount of home design things you could do with space under the stairs—though, and we think Harry Potter would agree, we wouldn't recommend making a bedroom out of that space.

Here are ten creative ideas and different interior design ways to utilize the space underneath your stairs. Don't let that valuable space saving storage area go to waste, check out these under the staircase ideas!

  • Turn that empty space into cabinets, built in cupboards, drawers or under the stairs shelves and use it for storage of your choice. Photo from Instagram User @istoria_by_jordan_andrews

  • Create a small closet underneath the stairs and stow away things you use often when coming and going like jackets, shovels, slippers, umbrellas, boots, etc. Photo from Instagram User @mrs_rackley.home

  • Stow away your wine collection under the stairs! Photo from Instagram User @modelremodel

  • Create cubbies out of that space for showing off family photos and collectibles. Photo from Instagram User @abc_builders_london_ltd

  • Not looking for a space to showcase things? Place baskets in those cubbies instead for a more secretive place to store your belongings! Photo from Instagram User @dsl.studio

  • Make the area under your stairs into a bookshelf. Photo from Instagram User @judesbydesign

  • Or create a little reading nook in that space! Photo from Instagram User @thorsenjoinery

  • If your stairs are connected to your living room, make that your new entertainment area. Photo from Instagram User @versarobes

  • Create a small home office by positioning a desk in that spot underneath your stairs, adding an office chair and then boom, you have a nice working area. Photo from Instagram User @mylovelylittle.room

  • Fashion a pet-friendly area in that space underneath the stairs! It's the perfect place for Fluffy or Fido. Photo from Instagram User @alexandre.f.b