Shed Storage & Organization Ideas

Outdoor sheds are a wonderful storage solution for overflow from your home and garage, and for items that you generally only use when you’re outside. Things like gardening tools, fertilizer, lawn mowers and – are common sights in sheds. While having and utilizing a shed is wonderful, sheds can also become dirty and disorganized very quickly due to their location (outdoors) and the items that are typically housed inside of them.

Keep your shed clean, tidy and contained with these shed storage and organization ideas!

Use vertical space!

When searching for storage space in your shed, don’t forget to look up! Vertical space is prime real estate. Many sheds have barn style roofs that are rounded but gradually come to a point at the very top. Just because it’s a strange shape to work with, doesn’t mean you can’t put stuff there. Use that area to your advantage!

Above photo by Instagram User @backyard.buildings

Hang it up!

By using peg boards, hooks and other hanging set-ups, you can make the most out of all of your wall space. The hanging method gives you an easy way to quickly grab things, and put them back, as you need them.

Above photo by Instagram User @tidywithhonour

 Above photo by Instagram User @buildsbybrad

 Above photo by Instagram User @urbancottageliving

 Above photo by Instagram User @simplicityrevealed

Utilize shelving!

Whether it’s built-in wooden shelving, or adjustable metal shelves, shelves come in handy in a shed. They provide a place for you to store your odds and ends and make things look more organized when placed strategically. Try placing labeled bins on your shelves to keep like things together!

 Above photo by Instagram User @backyard.buildings

 Above photo by Instagram User @boots_de_combat

Looking for off-site storage for the things you can’t fit inside of your shed? Need seasonal storage? Zippboxx it! With Zippboxx you never have to visit a storage unit or even leave the comfort of home. We come to you, pick-up what you need stored, and store it for you at our secure storage facility. Then, once you’d like your shed stuff back, we’ll deliver it back to you!

Rob Marchese
Rob Marchese is one of the founders of Zippboxx Moving and Storage. Since the start of the company it's been Rob's mission to change the way the moving industry is perceived.  The number one goal is to make the moving and storage process as stress free as possible for each and every customer. "The way we do this is by honesty, transparency, and providing a high quality of service."
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