Linen Closet Organization Ideas

Linen closets can get unruly very quickly. With so many bedding sets, towels, wash cloths, personal care items and other things stuffed in there, not coming up with an organizational system for your linen closet might mean an impromptu avalanche the next time you’re reaching in for a wash cloth. To keep surprise avalanches to a minimum, save time when looking for something specific, and have an aesthetically pleasing linen closet to look into, check out these linen closet organizing ideas!

Use baskets or bins & label!

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Keep things neat and tidy in your linen closet by organizing with labeled baskets and bins. This will allow you to create a spot for everything that you typically store in your linen closet and the labels will assist in letting you know exactly where what you need is located. For an even better look into what’s inside your linen closet, use plastic, see-through bins!

Roll up towels to save space!

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Trying to fit a bunch of fluffy towels into a tight shelving space when they’re folded normally doesn’t always work out. Save space by rolling them up and then stacking them on top of each other. This will make them easier to grab when you need one and looks much nicer in the closet.

Utilize empty space with hanging storage!

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Oftentimes the space directly underneath the bottom of a shelf in the linen closet, and right above the items being stored on the shelf below it, goes unused. Don’t let it go to waste! Hang up a wire basket/rack to create even more storage room in your linen closet.

Don’t forget about the door!

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Not only is the actual inside of your linen closet storage space, but the door too! Hang up your iron and ironing board there or install a rack in that area to hold other things like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, rolls of toilet paper, etc.

Stick your hamper in there!

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If you find that you have extra space towards the base of your linen closet that isn’t being utilized, stick your hamper in there! That will get it stowed away out of your bedroom, laundry room, or wherever else you usually keep it.

Keep a step stool around!

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Depending on how high up the shelves in your linen closet go, and how tall you are, you might have some trouble reaching things on the upper shelves. Instead of struggling and potentially knocking down a bunch of stuff while trying to grab something, keep a step stool on hand! You can store it right inside of your linen closet for safe and, close keeping.


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Rob Marchese
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