How Does On Demand Storage Work?

If you’re new to on demand storage, you might have a few questions pertaining to what the service is all about. While most people know exactly what self-storage encompasses, that’s not always the case with on demand storage since it incorporates so many different amenities. It’s heavily populated, metropolitan areas like New York City, Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, etc., that are better versed in the on demand economy (Think DoorDashUber & Peapod) and how it has transformed commercial behavior and demand. Just think about it. Nowadays everyone is seeking convenience, whether you live in a big city or not. And since we are all connected at all times thanks to the prevalence of WiFi, smartphones, tablets, and laptops, it only makes sense to integrate technology with businesses of all types–including storage!

What Does On Demand Storage Bring To The Table?

Above all, on demand storage delivers convenience to its users. The business model is structured so the customer has nothing to worry about. There’s no need to rent a truck or fret over navigating a large vehicle through busy roads and (for city folk) hoards of pedestrians. There’s no need to hire movers or try your best to convince friends and family to lend a hand during the loading and unloading process. There’s no need to waste time and gas driving back and forth from a storage unit. All of that (& more!) is handled for you by the on demand storage company.

Who Can Benefit From Using On Demand Storage? 

Getting your belongings in and out of storage shouldn’t be a hassle. So in reality, everyone and anyone can benefit from a service that takes away their stress and offers them useful advantages! Here are just some of the demographics that benefit from on demand storage.

City residents
Apartment dwellers
People downsizing
Senior citizens
College students
Small businesses
Professional organizers
Real estate agents

How Do I Get Started Utilizing On Demand Storage?

Great question! Here’s how to get on your way with the on demand storage experts at Zippboxx.

Since we’re configured to be used as simply as possible, all you need to do is visit our website to get started. From our Pricing Page, first select the length term (3 months or 12 months) you need storage for. This is listed right underneath where it says Select a Plan. After that, scroll down and choose the storage space size required to fit the belongings you’re intending to put into storage. The storage space sizes available to choose from range between a 5’ x 5’ space, to a 10’ x 20’ space. Unsure of how much storage space you need? Go here for guidance!

From there users are sent to our customer portal. On the first page of the customer portal visitors are prompted to select how many bins or boxes they need, and how many bulk items are going into storage. The next page then gives users the choice to order packing supplies (like bubble wrap, tape and mattress bags) which are dropped off complementary to their door. Next users are asked to fill in their address and contact information along with any special delivery instructions. Last but not least, a date and time range need to be selected for the pickup and submitted. Then the user is all set and will shortly receive a confirmation email!

What Other Amenities Does On Demand Storage Offer?

In addition to providing secure, convenient storage space, Zippboxx also offers a surplus of other accommodating amenities.

Relocation services – Renting a truck, loading all of your belongings into and out of said truck and navigating the streets isn’t a fun prospect—and hiring movers isn’t anymore appealing! Go the alternative route with an on demand storage company that offers all of the services you need and more! Let us handle the logistics of getting your belongings from Point A to Point B.

Packing services – Running short on time? Lacking in helping hands to get the job done? Have large items that need to be wrapped? Fret not because Zippboxx offers packing services! Our team members can pack alongside you or you can sit back and relax while our team fields all of the wrapping and packing necessary to get your things (safely) where they need to be.

Packing supply drop off – Instead of scrambling for supplies and going back and forth from the store, order your packing supplies right through us! We’ll drop them off right at your door so you never even need to leave the house or interrupt your packing flow. Require supplies other than the ones listed on our website? Just let us know what you need and we’ll deliver them to you!

File storage & management – Need to find a home, that isn’t your own, for the paperwork you’ve accumulated over the years? Our facility is the perfect home away from home for your filings! We can even organize your documents for you and sort them appropriately into our file management system. That way, if you ever need a certain document back, we can deliver the file box that has that specific document back to you!

Home staging – Selling your home? Looking to create a certain look to attract potential buyers? We’ll clear out the clutter so you can fashion the perfect ambiance to get your home sold!

Home cleanouts – Do you have a room in your home that needs to be emptied out? Whether it’s the attic, a spare bedroom, the basement, a two-car garage, or even a self-storage unit, we’ll do all of the legwork in getting it cleaned out. Just let us know what goes and what stays!

Donation handling – Have stuff that you no longer need, but might be useful to someone else? Instead of junking it, donate it! We work with local charities who would love to have your things!

Accomplish everything you need to get done with on demand storage powered by Zippboxx!

Feature Photo by Jamie Hord of Horderly | Professional Organizing

Rob Marchese
Rob Marchese is one of the founders of Zippboxx Moving and Storage. Since the start of the company it's been Rob's mission to change the way the moving industry is perceived.  The number one goal is to make the moving and storage process as stress free as possible for each and every customer. "The way we do this is by honesty, transparency, and providing a high quality of service."
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