Fun & Functional Storage Ideas For The Kid’s Room

Kids are known to be messy. From not putting away their toys after using them, to forgetting to make the bed in the morning, to accumulating way more stuff than they have room for, or the attention span for, it’s easy to see how a child’s room gets disorderly quickly. With the right plan, tools and mindset put into place though, keeping the clutter from becoming out of control is possible.

Check out these suggestions, like furniture that doubles as storage and color coordinated organization concepts, for keeping your kids’ room clean and stocked with plenty of engaging storage options!

Window Seat Storage
The area underneath the windowsill is often underutilized, but this space is the perfect spot to position a window seat that has storage built in. The kids will love nestling in with a book on the seat, watching the world outside of the window and sitting there with friends.

Colored Cube Shelving
Cube shelves are a very popular storage and organizational tool in a child’s bedroom. They can be kept open, but even better than being kept open, they can be fitted with different color cube baskets. This will keep the contents of the cube hidden making the room look neater. In addition to looking more tidy, the colors of the cube baskets can denote what is inside that basket. Blue for books, red for race cars, brown for bears, etc. When choosing your cube shelving, make sure that the top row of cubbies isn’t too high up. It has to be at a height that is reachable for children.

RiverRidge Kids Espresso Finish 6-bin Storage Cabinet from Overstock. 
Stuffed Animal Storage Swing
Make putting away stuffed animals part of playtime by hanging up a swing that holds numerous plush toys. By placing them on the swing the stuffed animals won’t be taking up space on the bed or in other storage spots throughout the bedroom. The swing also makes the plush toys easy to see so children have a full view of which stuffed animal they are pulling out to play with.

Play Table With Storage Spots Underneath
A play table in a kid’s bedroom is the perfect spot to set up a stuffed animal tea party, lay out a puzzle, do some arts and crafts, and lots of other activities that require a flat surface. When picking out a play table, remember to purchase one that includes storage areas underneath the table top portion as well.

UTEX 2 In 1 Kids Construction Play Table with Storage Drawers and Built In Plate from Amazon.
Stowed Under The Bed
Keep clutter out of the way by stowing stuff underneath the bed in an organized manner. Clear bins, pull-out compartments and drawers with wheels that can be rolled out, are incredibly helpful with keeping the area under your bed neat and useful. If you want to, you can also add a bed skirt to create a barrier so that no one can see the things stowed under the bed.

Hanging Bedside Organizer
Kids like to have a lot of things on hand when they go to bed. Their favorite plush toys, their latest bedtime story, their digital gaming devices, etc. With a bedside organizer held in place by the weight of their mattress, the items they use regularly before bed will have a designated spot to be put away in. Hanging conveniently within arms reach, those items will be perfectly positioned to be taken out when needed.

South Shore Storit Pink Polyester Canvas Bedside Storage Caddy from Overstock.
Store Stuff Somewhere Else
Not only do kids grow out of things quickly, but they also have a lot of stuff that doesn’t need to be on hand during all times of the year! From sporting equipment, to out of season clothing, to certain pieces of furniture, these type of things can be stored somewhere else while not in use. Store these belongings the simple way with Zippboxx! We’ll come pickup what you need put into storage, store it for you, and then deliver it back to you when you need it again.

Rob Marchese
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