Five Holiday Decoration Storage Hacks You Need To Try

The holidays are officially over, and the New Year has begun, which means if you still have your beautifully lit and ornamented Christmas tree up, snowman figurines aplenty adorning your mantle, and your blow-up rendition of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer parked on your front lawn, now is the time to close up Santa’s Workshop and put all of your seasonal decorations away. Check out these tips and storage solutions for stowing away your holiday decor in an organized, clutter-free way!

Label Things!

One of the most frustrating things each year when you go to break out the holiday season decorations is not being able to find what you need when you need it. This issue has a quick fix though – labels! By labeling your various boxes, storage bins and containers of holiday decor, you make sure that you know what is in each container well before you open it.

Keep Trees & Wreaths In One Piece!

Both artificial trees and decorative Christmas wreaths can deteriorate, and lose their parts, very easily. To keep the fallout to a minimum, use a large, durable zippered bag like this to keep your tree all together and dust-free. For wreaths, a smaller, circular, wreath storage bag like this should do the job and keep all of the bows and embellishments on your wreath secured.

Be Cautious With Bulbs & Ornaments!

While many different holiday decorations are extremely fragile, none quite so much as the dainty bulbs and ornaments that trim the Christmas tree. When it comes to nicely packing away your ornaments, the best solution is to use the original packing that they came in that is fit perfectly to that specific ornament. If you no longer have the original packing though, you’re going to have to come up with some other resolution. Designated ornament boxes or storage boxes with adjustable dividers and are the way to go in this case. Retailers like Amazon offer various options from hard, plastic containers like this, to soft, fabric and cardboard boxes like this.

Do Not Toss Your Christmas Tree Lights In A Box!

Sure, you may be tempted to just roll those strings of Christmas tree lights up into a ball and shove them into one of the many boxes of holiday decorations spread out on your floor, but that is a definite no. Instead, spend about twenty dollars or so on a Christmas light storage reel like this, or just grab a slab of cardboard and wrap your lights around that before you put them away.

Utilize A Storage Facility!

Keep the clutter out of your home or apartment by stowing your holiday decor at a storage facility. Space can be difficult to come by, especially when living in an apartment, so instead of cluttering up what little space you have, give your clutter to someone else to look after for awhile until you need it again – like Zippboxx! Zippboxx is a full service On-Demand Storage company meaning Zippboxx will drop the necessary moving supplies off to you, pick-up your items, barcode, inventory and photography those items, then deliver them back to you when you need them. It’s that simple! From your tree and wreath, to wrapping paper and other gift wrap accessories, Zippboxx stores it all.

Call (844) 220-2551 or send an email over to to find out more about storing your items with Zippboxx.

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Rob Marchese
Rob Marchese is one of the founders of Zippboxx Moving and Storage. Since the start of the company it's been Rob's mission to change the way the moving industry is perceived.  The number one goal is to make the moving and storage process as stress free as possible for each and every customer. "The way we do this is by honesty, transparency, and providing a high quality of service."
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