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If you’re thinking about moving from NY to Texas, you certainly aren’t alone. In 2019, more than 18,000 New Yorkers moved to Texas. The number of New Yorkers moving to Texas has only grown since the COVID-19 pandemic. While New York recorded a 1.6% population loss from 2020 to 2021, Texas gained 310,000 new residents, many fleeing high-cost states like California and New York for its affordable housing and low taxes.

Ready to see for yourself why people move to Texas and what you should expect? Here’s a look at how you can prepare for the differences in Texas vs New York living and how the best NY to Texas long distance movers can help.

What Moving to Texas Is Like

Depending on where you decide to relocate, you probably won’t have the big culture shock you expect when moving to Texas from NY. Cities like Dallas offer dense urban living with nightlife and world-class attractions – not to mention a Texas airport bigger than Manhattan! In Austin, you’ll enjoy excellent parks and water recreation not to mention a strong jobs market. Austin is known by its tagline, “Keep Austin Weird,” and its residents are very active and love the outdoors.


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Texans and New Yorkers both take great pride in their state and city and make it a part of their identity. Depending on where you’re moving from in NY, you may need to adjust to the unique Southern culture in Texas where guns, hunting, and the outdoors are a part of life. You’ll find Texans are welcoming and friendly with cities that are amazingly diverse.

One of the first adjustments you’ll need to make is the weather. New Yorkers accustomed to cooler temperatures, especially in Upstate New York, will find the Texas summers sweltering and the humidity oppressive. Temperatures often exceed the upper 90s while winters average in the mid-60s. When you compare living in Texas vs New York, don’t forget to consider extreme weather too. Texas has more tornadoes than any other state with an average of 132 tornadoes every year. You may also experience monsoon season, destructive hail, and hurricanes.

Here’s one of the most important tips for moving to Texas: try to use your air conditioning as little as possible during your first couple weeks of summer. It’ll make acclimating to the heat easier and faster. Don’t be afraid to give in to the many ways to beat the heat that the locals enjoy from water parks and local swimming pools to the famous river tubing with a beverage in hand.

The cost of living is another adjustment – but definitely a good one! You’ll spend less on virtually everything, including housing and taxes, with more of your take-home pay left for living.

Benefits of Moving from New York to Texas

Why is everyone moving to Texas? Thanks to its low cost of living, great quality of life, and plentiful jobs, Texas has become a mecca for people fleeing high-cost areas where housing is out of reach, particularly California and New York. They’ve called Texas the New California, but it may soon be called the New-New York, too, with New Yorkers leaving in droves to escape high taxes and impossible home prices.

You have a lot to look forward to when moving to Texas from New York. Here are some of the biggest advantages of moving to Texas.

Affordable Housing in Texas

One of the biggest reasons for moving to Texas from New York? Homeownership will finally be within reach. No matter where you’re moving from in NY, you’ll probably find your money goes farther in any Texas city. Homes aren’t just more affordable – you also get more home for your money.

The New York median home price is $629,000 and $266/square foot compared to $420,000 in Texas and $184/square foot. Even costly cities like Austin with a median price of $675,000 can seem like a steal compared to $1.1 million in Brooklyn and $875,000 in the Town of Oyster Bay.

Low Cost of Living in Texas vs New York

Speaking of cost, the difference in the cost of living in New York compared to Texas is extreme and the driving force behind many relocations.

The Texas cost of living index is 94 or 6% below the national average. The New York cost of living index is 148 while housing costs 2.3x more than the national average. NY has the second-highest cost of living in the country.

It isn’t just housing that’s responsible for the high living cost in New York – virtually everything is more expensive, particularly taxes.

Texas has no state income tax while New York income tax is up to 8.82%. New York City and Yonkers even have a local income tax rate on top of the state rate. The local income tax rate is 3.078% to 3.876% in NYC. Yonkers has a 0.50% income tax rate for non-residents working in Yonkers.

Because Texas does not have income taxes, property taxes are higher than most states. Despite rapidly rising home prices which have caused property tax bills to skyrocket in recent years, the lower home prices mean Texans still pay lower property tax bills than New Yorkers.

Nassau County is one of the most expensive counties in the country with one of the highest median tax bills. The median tax bill in Nassau County was $14,872 in 2019 while Suffolk County homeowners paid a median $9,472. By comparison, the average Dallas County property tax bill in 2021 was $6,033.

Texas Has a Strong & Diverse Job Market

New York City is great for the performing arts and financial sectors, but as a massive metro area with a global economy, competition is fierce. Areas outside NYC have more limited career options.

By comparison, moving to Texas means not only more plentiful but also more diverse job opportunities. Texas is the manufacturing capital of America with a rapidly growing tech industry in the Austin area. Defense, aerospace, and aviation are strong industries with the headquarters of two international airlines, 15 military bases, the NASA Johnson Space Center, and two of the busiest airports in the world.

Texas is one of the country’s leading biotech states with the Texas Medical Center, one of the largest medical centers in the world, MD Anderson Cancer Center, the largest cancer center on earth, and medical research facilities. White collar jobs are plentiful with 49 Fortune 500 companies in the state and a large corporate services industry.

Of course, Texas is known for its energy sector. It’s the top energy producer in the United States with not only jobs in natural gas and crude oil production but also renewable energy.

Great Food Scene in Texas

New Yorkers definitely know great food, especially in NYC, a melting pot of culture and cuisine. However, you don’t want to overlook what Texas has to offer. A recent survey even found Texas has the best food in the U.S. with more than Tex-Mex, steak, and barbecue.

In coastal areas like Galveston, you’ll enjoy amazing seafood including local oysters and jumbo shrimp. Dallas boasts mouthwatering barbecue with many famous BBQ joints to try. Houston is famous for great brunch and burgers.

Foodies flock to Austin, one of the best foodie cities in Texas and the Lone Star State. Austin has a diverse, accessible food scene and it’s known for its food trucks serving up everything from Asian fusion to gourmet donuts.


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Texas Is a Great Place to Raise a Family

Want to start a family or find a place where your kids can grow up with plenty of space and nearby amenities? This is one of the many areas where you may find the Lone Star state wins out when comparing New York vs Texas.

There are tons of great places to live in Texas for families. Austin was recently ranked one of the top 5 best places to live in the U.S. and one of the best places for families. You’ll find excellent schools and some of America’s best urban parks with family-friendly attractions around every corner.

Dallas boasts more affordable housing than Austin with family-friendly master-planned communities, world-class museums, and live entertainment. It’s home to family attractions like Six Flags Over Texas, the Dallas Arboretum, and the Dallas World Aquarium. There are also 18 universities in the DFW area with good public schools.

Of course, you’ll find great suburbs for families like Cinco Ranch, a Houston suburb and master-planned community with boat docks, dozens of neighborhood parks, 50+ miles of trails, 11 pools for residents, and the Gold Club at Cinco Ranch, one of the top 25 best golf courses in Texas.


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Why Zippboxx Is the Best New York to Texas Moving Company

Moving is always harder and more stressful than you remember, no matter how many times you do it. Save yourself the stress and hard work of a DIY move with the professional New York to Texas long distance movers at Zippboxx.

We can take the worry out of your interstate move in many ways:

  • Dedicated move coordinator oversees logistics and planning
  • Crew of background checked movers arrive with the right tools, equipment, and expertise
  • Moving day is fast and carried out according to an efficient game plan
  • Belongings are packed with care using the right materials and techniques
  • No heavy lifting or repetitive bending to avoid injury
  • No need to drive a large moving truck on congested, narrow New York roads and across the country
  • Storage solutions at your origin or destination avoid the hassle of self-storage and moving twice
  • Get settled in quickly with optional unpacking and furniture arrangement

Zippboxx was founded to give Long Island residents a one-stop solution for dependable cross country moving services. We are one of the highest rated long distance moving companies in Long Island with hundreds of positive reviews earned in our 8-year history. Our family-operated moving company has handled thousands of local and long-distance moves with a low claims rate and fully vetted, experienced movers ready to do it all. From junk removal and packing to storage and long-distance moves, count on the trusted experts at Zippboxx for a stress-free relocation.

NY to Texas Moving Cost

How much money do I need to move to Texas? That’s probably one of the first questions you ask as you consider a cross-country relocation. The average cost to hire movers in the U.S. is $2,200 to $5,700 for a long-distance move, but there are many factors that affect the cost to hire a New York to Texas moving company:

  • Total distance
  • Number of movers needed
  • Volume of belongings
  • Type of belongings
  • Level of service (packing, storage, etc)
  • Accessibility of each home

The best way to estimate your moving cost is to give us a call at Zippboxx for a free, personalized moving estimate. We will perform a free in-person or virtual assessment to give you the most accurate quote.

New York to Texas Distance & Travel Info

Once our NY to Texas movers have loaded up the truck and set off for your new home, you’re ready to complete the last phase of your move: getting yourself and the family to the Lone Star State.

It’s about 1,750 miles from New York City to Central Texas or 2,180 miles to El Paso, TX. It’ll take you about 24 to 32 hours to drive from New York to Texas depending on your destination.

Not up for a very long drive? Maybe you’re moving without a car or planning to ship your car to Texas. If you want a real adventure, you can take a train from New York to Texas! Amtrak’s Cardinal train leaves New York for Chicago where you can take the Texas Eagle through Dallas and San Antonio.

If you’re ready to see why everyone’s moving to Texas for yourself, give the 5-star New York state to state movers at Zippboxx a call today for a free moving quote!

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