Will You Like Living in Smithtown NY? | [2022] ULTIMATE Moving to 🌳 Smithtown Guide

Smithtown, NY is a wealthy town located in Suffolk County on the northern shore of Long Island.  Much of the wealth comes from New York City as plenty of residents make the 55 mile commute from Smithtown to NYC every single day!  Smithtown is known for its pristine beaches, 25 town parks, and having one of the best school districts on Long Island.

Smithtown also has a rich history.  Settled in 1665, the charming city was originally called Smithfield.  It’s thought that a settler named Richard Smith saved a Native American chief’s abducted daughter and the chief rewarded him with all of the land Smith could travel on in a single day while riding the bull.  Apparently, Smith had the foresight to choose the longest day of the year to make his ride on the summer solstice and ever since then, that land has been labeled Smithfield/Smithtown! 

A number of legendary entertainers and athletes were born here, many of whom continue to enjoy living in Smithtown today.  Comedian Adam Conover, Actress Melissa Joan Hart, long time MLB pitcher Jim Mecir, and actor Cooper Andrews who has most notably portrayed the loveable character Jerry in The Walking Dead all continue to call Smithtown home!

Smithtown Population & Demographics

The population of Smithtown is 116,428 with just under 2,200 people per square mile. The median age of residents is just shy of 46 years old and 86% are White, 7% Hispanic, 4% Asian, and 1% black.  Over 95% of the adults have graduated high school and half of them have graduated college, which explains why the city is wealthy with a median income of $129,338 which is nearly double the median income of $71,117 for the state of NY.

The Smithtown crime rate is impressively low and as such it is a very safe place to live.  There are only 944 crimes per 100,000 residents annually, almost none of which tend to be violent, making Smithtown one of the safest cities in all of New York State, let alone Long Island.  The city itself has a Department of Public Safety but no need for an actual police force as the area is highly patrolled by the Suffolk County Police Department which has an astounding 2,349 Police Officers between the full and part time employees.

Cost of Living in Smithtown

As you can imagine, the cost of living is on the upper end of the scale, though it’s nowhere near as bad as living right in NYC.  If you’re looking to purchase a home on a median income of $137k, you can do it, but it will probably take you a few years to be ready.  The median home value is $553,800.  The average monthly rent for an apartment ranges between $2,200 and $3,000 a month.

Everyday Expenses in Smithtown

  • Gasoline – $3.99 per gallon
  • Dozen eggs – $2.20
  • Meal for 2 in a nice restaurant – $93 with 15% tip
  • Cup of coffee – $3.90
  • Utilities (electric, heat, water, garbage) – $330 per month

Smithtown Neighborhoods | Where to Live in Smithtown

What’s really unique about living in Smithtown is that you can live literally wherever you want. The school districts are all similar and the neighborhoods are all extremely safe!

Smithtown North – As you can imagine, the northern area of Smithtown is considered to be the most beautiful.  With scenic views of the ocean, beach access, boat ramps, and a marina, the most expensive houses tend to be in this area.

Smithtown West – Aptly named for being located on the west side of Smithtown, there are a number of more reasonably priced homes with excellent access to the highway that will take you to New York City.  If you’re looking for the shortest commute, this is for you.

The Landing – An incorporated village, the landing has a small population of the most upscale people in the community.  Built to have lavish venues for weddings and confirmations, a country club, and premium hotels, there are a number of really nice restaurants in the area.  Most everything is within walking distance so it’s ideal if you don’t want a vehicle but housing is hard to find.

Village of the Branch – Located on the east side of Smithtown, this is where many younger people live.  Housing is most reasonable and the branch has a lot of outdoor walking trails, bike trails, and fitness centers.  Being the furthest district from NYC, be prepared for a long commute or expect to work locally.

Smithtown Weather & Climate

Moving to Smithtown means you’re going to live in the North East – and that means you’re going to experience all four seasons.  That said, living on Long Island makes winters less lengthy and harsh because the surrounding water holds in heat to help fight off the cold storms.  That’s especially true for towns that border the ocean as Smithtown does.  Winter months are only bad from December to February with the average low being 25 degrees and you get a nice, lengthy summer from late May to late September where it’s rare to see anything below 60 or above 85 degrees!  

Though the type of precipitation may vary, the frequency and amount you get really doesn’t.  Every month from January through December gets between 23% and 33% as an average chance of daily precipitation.  No need to worry about lengthy drought nor heavy flooding!  The singular downfall when it comes to weather is cloud cover.  Like the precipitation, it doesn’t vary much but 50% to 65% of all days are cloudy.

Things to Do in Smithtown

The nice thing about Smithtown is that it’s so close to New York City where the number of activities are seemingly endless.  

Smithtown Performing Arts Center

There is a children’s theater so kids can see things like live action Shrek and Disney’s High School Musical Jr.  The main stage has a rotating list of family and adult programs that will keep you coming back for more! 

2 East Main Street, Smithtown, NY 11787 – 631-724-3700

Sweetbriar Nature Center

The not-for-profit nature center allows for wildlife rehab and educational programs for children and adults alike.  There are children’s discovery weeks that give hands on lessons in natural science.  Both daily and weekly packages are available.

62 Eckernkamp Drive, Smithtown, NY 11787 – 631-979-6344

The Smithtown Library

Ample programs for both adults and children to enjoy.  Some are hands on, some are music related, and some are literature related.  The digital library allows for audiobooks and for language learning.  

1 N Country Rd, Smithtown, NY 11787 – 631-360-2480

Caleb Smith State Park Preserve

A real prize in Smithtown!  It’s one of four preserves on Long Island and has 543 beautiful acres with multiple habitats and a number of animals.  There are learning programs and winter activities to go along with the summer sports and fishing events.  There is truly something for everybody at the reserve.

581 West Jericho Turnpike, Smithtown, NY 11787 – 631-265-1054

Other Major Smithtown Attractions

Smithtown also offers convenient shopping, including:

Smithtown Restaurants

Eateries are the thing that Smithtown lacks the absolute least.  If you can’t find food, you are walking around with your eyes closed and your nose clamped.  Everywhere you turn, there is a different establishment.  Some amazing pizzerias, incredible seafood restaurants, delectable steakhouses, and lively nightclubs/bars compose the melting pot of food within the city limits.

Maureen’s Kitchen

American restaurant that serves breakfast and lunch all day long.  They have some of the best sweets on the island, and people travel from all over to get a picture with their cow!

108 Terry Road, Smithtown, NY 11787 – 631-360-9227

Chop Shop Bar and Grill

Chop Shop is the perfect place for casual dining and special occasions and corporate gatherings. Open for dinner, reservations are accepted for parties of five or more.  It’s a classy place without being uncomfortably fancy.  Check out the photos for yourself!

47 East Main Street, Smithtown, NY 11787 – 631-360-3383

Casa Rustica Restaurant

High-end Italian food with some amazing seafood options to go along with them.  Terrific place to go with that special someone in your life and celebrate a night away from the kiddos. 

175 W Main Street, Smithtown, NY 11787 –  631-265-9265

Mannino Pizzeria

Not only do they have the best pizza and wings in Smithtown but they offer an off premise catering service to boot! You can relax and have a beer while you wait for your take out pizza to bring home to the hectic family.

40 East Main Street, Smithtown, NY 11787 – 631-724-0210

Jobs in Smithtown

Many people make the commute to NYC for their daily job but there is plenty of work right in Smithtown.  The multiple schools require administration and teachers of all kinds, the St. Catherine of Siena Hospital is a major employer for the area, and there are multiple municipal departments that have frequent openings as well:

Smithtown Schools

The Smithtown Central School district has a number of educational buildings it encompasses.  The entire school system gets favorable reviews and ratings, particularly when you match it up with the rest of the country.  Each grade in each school has a bit over 100 children and the ratio of teachers to kids is 1 to 19.  The children are very fortunate to also have access to the Smithtown Library as well as internal libraries in each school.

Smithtown Statistics

Smithtown is a town in Suffolk County, New York, United States.

  • Zip codes: 11725, 11754, 11780, 11787
  • Area code: 631
  • Elevation: 105 feet above sea level
  • Area: 111.4 square miles
  • Time zone: Eastern Daylight Time (GMT-4)
  • Closest Airport: Long Island MacArthur (formerly known as Islip)

Map of Smithtown

Explore more attractions, restaurants, and more with this Smithtown map:

Tips for Moving to Smithtown

  • Pro: If you’re okay with working local, public transport is decent enough to not need a vehicle 
  • Pro: You’re close to NYC without being right in the city
  • Pro: Bring an appetite as there is plenty of food available
  • Con: Higher cost of living than the US national average

Moving is an exciting time and we’d like to be part of it! For a stress-free relocation experience, call on the dependable Smithtown movers at Zippbox Moving, call  631-600-0000.

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