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Sands Point is a village, known for being extremely safe, the second richest community in the state of New York, as well as being the community which was called “East Egg” in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, a nickname it now carries outside of literature. Named for the Sands family and incorporated in 1910, it would annex many of the monied communities of the Gold Coast, initially owned by three wealthy New York families. The village would be subject to many fancy constructions, including the historic Hempstead House, which is still maintained as a historic site today. Sands Point is a great place to live that has not changed much in character since the early 20th century, still remaining among the most affluent of New York’s residential communities. Living in Sands Point is an experience like no other!

Where is Sands Point, NY?

Sands Point is in Nassau County, positioned on the southern curvature of Oyster Bay, about an hour away from New York owing to the heavy traffic in the area. Sands Point is located within the New York-Newark-Jersey City, NY-NJ-PA metro area, and is bordered by many similar high class communities, including Manorhaven and Washington Point. The distance from Sands Point, NY to New York, NY is 26 miles.

Near many of Oyster Bay’s beaches, there’s plenty of swimming to be done in and around Sands Point!

Sands Point, NY Population & Demographics

The population of Sands Point is 2,785 distributed over 4.2 miles at a population density of about 600 people per square mile. The median age here is 46, and 13.4% of residents are foreign born, 74% of whom come from Asia. 85.1% of Sands Point’s population has a bachelor’s degree or higher certification, unsurprisingly putting it among the most educated of New York’s communities.

The demographics of Sands Point’s population are homogenous, with Whites making up 82% of the community’s population. The second largest demographic is Asians, making up 9% of Sands Point’s population. Sands Point’s male/female gender ratio is slightly weighted towards men, at 52%.

The many notable and famous people from Sands Point include professional baseball player Carlos Beltran, sportscaster Marv Albert, and Home Depot co-founder Ken Langone.

Is Sands Point, NY safe? Don’t worry at all about crime, because Sands Point is one of the safest communities in the New York metro area! Sands Point’s overall crime rate is 81% lower than national average, with 445 crimes annually per 100,000 people. The property crime rate is 52.8% lower than the national average, while the violent crime rate is 90.8% lower. The community of Sands Point is served by the Village of Sands Point Police Department.

Cost of Living in Sands Point, NY

Living around New York City is likely to weigh heavily on your wallet, and that’s doubly true of a community as affluent as Sands Point – but if you’re considering moving to this community, we’re going to guess you already know that. The cost of living index for Sands Point is 78.8% higher than the national average. The median home price in Sands Point is $1,245,000, well over double the average New York home price of $2,200,000. According to RentCafe, the average rent in Sands Point and nearby areas is $2,569 per month.

According to the Economic Policy Institute, a family of four will need a yearly income of $134,938 to live here.

If you want to make yourself a part of this community, you should check out the latest listings for homes for sale in Sands Point, NY.

Sands Point, NY Everyday Expenses

Want to know what sort of daily expenses you’ll be paying in Sands Point? Check out these everyday expenses for Sands Point, provided by Numbeo.

  • Gallon of Milk – $4.61
  • Loaf of Bread – $3.64
  • Gallon of Gasoline – $4.95
  • Average Sands Point Utilities per Month – $172.20
  • Internet per Month – $68.44

Where to Live in Sands Point, NY

Sands Point is more akin to a neighborhood itself rather than a full-sized community, owing to its small geographic area and equally small population. Sands Point therefore does not have neighborhoods in the traditional sense, but does have varying real estate based on location:

As might be obvious, properties out near the water are generally more expensive than those inland. Many of these properties come with their own docks or other forms of water access, for the usage of boats and other watercraft. However, no matter where you choose to live, you won’t generally be seeing properties below the $1.8 million price tag, a deserved tag for the luxurious properties and communities here.

Sands Point, NY Climate & Weather

According to the Koppen Climate Classification, Sands Point is a humid subtropical climate. The New York area has lots of rain, as well as inclement weather owing to its position on the East Coast, and Sands Point is no different. You can expect lows of 26 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter months, and highs of 85 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer months. Sands Point gets more than the average amount of rainfall for the United States, with 47 inches per year. Sands Point experiences somewhat less than the national average in yearly snowfall, at 23 inches. The best times to visit Sands Point, in terms of comfort rating, are June and September.

Sands Point experiences most of the extreme weather phenomena New York does, such as irregular winter blizzards, flooding, and so on, so be sure to be prepared for any number of natural disasters.

Things to Do in Sands Point

Want to know about the best things to do in and around Sands Point, NY? Check out great shopping near and in the community like the Soundview Marketplace for most everything you’ll need while living in Sands Point! You should also check out some of the best things to do in Sands Point, NY below:

Hempstead House

The very embodiment of the opulence that would inspire the “East Egg” of The Great Gatsby, Hempstead House is an immense mansion and estate built in the 1910s, gussied up to resemble an old noble palace from Europe.

127 Middle Neck Rd, Sands Point, NY 11050, (516) 570-2281

Castle Gould

Built in 1904, Castle Gould was the old Sands Point estate of the famed Howard Gould and his actress wife. Designed to resemble the medieval castles of Europe, this mansion is a fascinating place to tour!

127 Middle Neck Rd, Sands Point, NY 11050, (516) 571-7901

Village Club of Sands Point

Based out of a wonderful 1916 building of a Mediterranean style, the Village Club has an excellent golf course, as well as facilities for other casual sports.

1 Thayer Ln, Sands Point, NY 11050, (516) 944-7400

Sands Point, NY Additional Attractions:

Sands Point is served by the Nassau County parks & recreation department. See all the events that are planned in Sands Point with the Nassau County community calendar.

Places to Eat in Sands Point, NY

Alongside its host of things to do, Sands Point is also home to plenty of great eats! Check out some of the best places to eat in Sands Point, New York below:

Finn MacCools

Coming from a long tradition of Irish-American cuisine, this Sands Point half-bar half-restaurant has great dishes and drinks in equal number!

205 Main St, Port Washington, NY 11050, (516) 944-3439

Butler’s Flat Clam Shack

Named for a Massachusetts lighthouse, Butler’s Flat Clam Shack has the best New York-style seafood in the Sands Point area.

86 Orchard Beach Blvd, Port Washington, NY 11050, (516) 883-8330

Bosphorus Cafe Grill

Enjoy the wonderful cuisine of Turkey at this warm, easygoing Sands Point cafe!

138 Shore Rd, Port Washington, NY 11050, (516) 321-9999


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Sands Point, NY Schools

Sands Point is served by the Port Washington Union Free School District, although, being strictly residential, Sands Point does not have any schools within its limits. Unsurprisingly, this school district has 71% of its schools rated “Above Average” by GreatSchools. Some notable schools from the area include the Guggenheim Elementary School, Carrie Palmer Weber Middle School, and the Paul D. Schreiber Senior High School. Your children’s education will be in good hands when you’re living in Sands Point!

Students and others in Sands Point are served by the nearby Port Washington Public Library.

Jobs in Sands Point, NY

Sands Point is 100% residential in nature, meaning that job searches within the limits of the community will be difficult. Many Sands Point residents commute to New York for their employment. Such a lifestyle obviously means one is not hard on cash, and that’s proven by the fact that the median household income in Sands Point is $250,001. While Sands Point has little in the way of economic activity, New York and even other Oyster Bay communities will have plenty!

See the latest openings for jobs in Sands Point here.

Map of Sands Point, NY

Explore Sands Point’s large variety of things to do, places to eat, and more with this map!

Sands Point, NY Statistics & Information

  • Located in Nassau County
  • Sands Point Area: 5.6 square miles
  • Sands Point zip codes: 11050
  • Sands Point area codes: 516
  • Sands Point Elevation: 43’
  • Sands Point Time zone: EST
  • Sands Point’s Closest airport: John F. Kennedy International Airport, J6RC+GP New York, 22.4 miles from Sands Point

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