Moving to the Town of North Hempstead? | 👇What to Know About Living in North Hempstead NY

North Hempstead is one of three towns in New York’s Nassau County, located on Long Island. Surrounded by other townships on the peninsula, North Hempstead is known for its history, safety, and stately architecture. Primarily residential in nature, North Hempstead is one of the most desirable communities on Long Island.

North Hempstead’s history stretches back to the earliest English settlement on the East Coast, with the area being subject to an influx of its first wave of settlers in 1643. Part of the already-extant town of Hempstead at first. The origin of the split actually came about with the American Revolution – the southern part of Hempstead’s population was sympathetic to the British crown, while the northern part primarily consisted of Yankees.

Steamboat services and a new railroad in the area meant that North Hempstead experienced an influx of affluent residents, who built many stately homes and manors that can still be seen today. In the present, North Hempstead is primarily known as a quaint, beautiful, and quiet residential area, which is why it draws so many people to it. You’ll love living in North Hempstead!

Where is North Hempstead, NY?

North Hempstead is located in Nassau County, bordering Hempstead Town to the south, Oyster Bay to the east, and Queens and the New York metro area in earnest to the west. North Hempstead has many different villages and hamlets, such as Roslyn, Baxter Estates, and Flower Hill.

Want to know where North Hempstead is in relation to other cities? New York’s close distance to North Hempstead makes the latter a desirable bedroom community. The distance from North Hempstead, NY to New York, NY is 24.1 miles.

North Hempstead Information

  • County: Nassau County
  • North Hempstead Area: 69.16 miles
  • North Hempstead Zip Code: 11001-11599
  • North Hempstead Area Code: 516, 363
  • North Hempstead Elevation: 102’
  • North Hempstead Time zone: Eastern Standard Time (EST)
  • Closest airport to North Hempstead: LaGuardia Airport, Q4GG+QC New York, 15.1 miles from North Hempstead

North Hempstead, NY Population & Demographics

The population of North Hempstead is 237,429 distributed over 53.5 miles at a population density of about 4,400 people per square mile. The city’s population has grown by 0.6% since 2020. North Hempstead is not located in any metro area but is located in Nassau County, which has a population of 1,390,907 people. The median age is 43.2. The median household income in North Hempstead is $138,737, with 65% of the population making $100k annually or more.

63% of North Hempstead’s population has attained a bachelor’s degree or higher, which is 1.5 times higher than the rate for New York.

The primary ethnic majority in North Hempstead demographically is White, at 59%. The Asian population is 21% of the population, and the Hispanic demographic is 12%. 27% of North Hempstead’s population are foreign-born, with 51% of the foreign-born population coming from Asia. The city’s gender ratio is precisely 50/50.
Notable people and famous celebrities from North Hempstead include journalist and newscaster Bill O’Reilly, actor Danny Masterson, professional wrestler Summer Rae, and actress Kim Richards.

North Hempstead, NY Transportation

North Hempstead, despite its relatively suburban location, is networked by many different ways to get around. North Hempstead has only one interstate running through it: Interstate 495. Rail service is provided by the Oyster Bay Branch of the Long Island Rail Road. Two lines of the MTA Regional Bus Operations also go through the area. The most substantial airport in the area is the Fulton County Airport (code: QFHH+4Q New York, New York, USA), which is about twenty minutes away by car.

Cost of Living in North Hempstead, NY

The cost of living index in the Nassau County area is 118% higher on average than other places in America; North Hempstead is expensive, but the price is well worth it. See below for a breakdown on real estate and renting.

Basic everyday costs like housing, utilities, and groceries will generally be higher than the national average, with few exceptions. The average utility bill in North Hempstead is $398 per month. The average real estate cost in North Hempstead is $836,000, while the average rent is $2,152 for 736 sq. ft.
According to the Economic Policy Institute, a family will have to make, on average, $143,251 to live here.

North Hempstead, NY Typical Living Expenses

Here are some common items you might buy, and their prices according to Numbeo:

  • Milk, 1 Gallon – $3.83
  • Loaf of Bread – $3.33
  • 12 Regular Eggs – $4.50
  • 1 lb. Apples – $2.45
  • 1 lb. Tomatoes – $0.75
  • Gasoline, 1 Gallon – $3.42
  • Meal at an Inexpensive Restaurant – $15.00
  • Monthly Internet Cost – $66.25
  • Average Monthly North Hempstead Utilities Bill – $398 (Doxo)

Taxes in North Hempstead, NY

  • North Hempstead Sales Tax: 8.63%
  • North Hempstead Income Tax: N/A
  • North Hempstead Property Tax: 5.15%

North Hempstead, NY Real Estate

North Hempstead gets a 38 on Redfin’s competitiveness scale, with home sale prices stable and around 30% of homes being sold over list price.

The North Hempstead median home price is $836,000, according to Redfin, which is higher than the average home price for the Nassau County area ($619,800) and nearly doubles the average home price for the entire state of New York ($368,800). The number of houses sold yearly has decreased by 25% year over year, with 552 homes being sold this year. The median days on the market in this area is 41 days, a number that is slowly decreasing. If you want to make yourself a part of any of these communities, browse the latest listings for North Hempstead, NY homes for sale.

56% of North Hempstead residents rent their homes, according to RentCafe. The average rent in North Hempstead is $2,152 for 736 sq. ft., which is unsurprisingly pricey.

North Hempstead, NY Neighborhoods

North Hempstead is filled to the brim with interesting and unique hamlets and villages, all of which can be considered akin neighborhoods. If you’re planning to make a certain North Hempstead hamlet your home, take a look at some of North Hempstead’s best neighborhoods below.

Baxter Estates – Historic, High-class, Family-friendly

Consisting of many spacious estates that were constructed during the golden years of Long Island in the early 20th century, Baxter Estates has everything a more affluent and discerning resident is looking for. The property prices may be steep, but housing of this kind is incomparable to anywhere else in the country!

Great Neck Plaza – Busy Business District with Great Shopping

North Hempstead is known for being quiet and quaint, but Great Neck Plaza provides the closest thing this area will have to urban nightlife. With many notable shopping centers and stores, Great Neck Plaza retains the Long Island charm while having plenty to do.

Munsey Park – Cozy Suburbs with Historic Architecture

Comprising a winding series of suburbs, Munsey Park distinguishes itself with historical architecture and an upper-crust community you’d expect out of this part of Long Island. It has a 1930s-built elementary school directly inside of it.

North Hempstead, NY Climate & Weather

North Hempstead is a humid subtropical climate, according to the Koppen classification. North Hempstead’s weather patterns are more or less identical to the weather patterns of NYC. You can expect lows of 25 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter months and highs of 82 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer months. North Hempstead experiences slightly more than the average amount of rainfall compared to the rest of the United States, with 45 inches per year. The community experiences slightly less than the average amount of snowfall, at 23 inches. In terms of comfort rating, the best times to visit North Hempstead are June and September. The coldest month is January.

North Hempstead, unsurprisingly like New York, is prone to severe coastal storms, particularly winter storms.

North Hempstead Restaurants

You won’t want to miss these fantastic restaurants after moving to North Hempstead! Take a look at some of the best restaurants in and around North Hempstead:

Pollos Mario Steak House

Colombian food is not a common ethnic food for most, but Pollos Mario will convince you to keep coming back to this North Hempstead local joint!

75 N Franklin St, Hempstead, NY 11550, (516) 505-3200

Jonathan’s Restaurant

An upscale restaurant serving fancy American-style dishes, Jonathan’s Restaurant is a favorite in North Hempstead for a reason!

3000 Jericho Turnpike, Garden City Park, NY 11040, (516) 742-7300

Mim’s Restaurant

A favorite in North Hempstead and surrounding communities, Mim’s provides excellent dishes of American origin.

235 Roslyn Rd, Roslyn Heights, NY 11577, (516) 625-7305

Things to Do in North Hempstead, NY

You’ve likely already heard of the plethora of great attractions and wonderful shopping centers! You should check out some of the best things to do in North Hempstead, NY below.

Top North Hempstead Attractions

  • Nassau County Museum of Art – Located on a beautiful former grand estate, the Nassau County Museum of Art features pieces from a wide variety of eras and locations.
  • Clark Botanical Gardens – These botanical gardens are the perfect way to relax, with lazy walking trails amongst many species of beautiful plants.
  • Town Dock – The center of sea travel in the North Hempstead area, this dock also serves as a great place to fish or relax while living in North Hempstead.

North Hempstead Parks & Outdoors

  • North Hempstead Beach Park – With boating, bayside paths, and BBQ spots, North Hempstead Beach Park will make for a perfect day on the beach!
  • Manorhaven Beach Park – Located on the peninsula opposite the aforementioned North Hempstead Beach Park, this is yet another beachside park that will provide a perfect day outdoors!
  • Blumenfeld Family Park – With play equipment for the kids and plenty of space for walking, this park is an excellent choice for a day out!


Shopping in North Hempstead

  • Americana Manhasset – Featuring a wide variety of brand name and luxury stores for a wide variety of purposes, Americana Manhasset could very well serve as your one-stop shopping area in North Hempstead.
  • Lake Success Shopping Center – If the oddly-named Americana Manhasset isn’t quite your style, the more general types of stores at the Lake Success Shopping Center may be more your speed!

North Hempstead is served by the North Hempstead parks & recreation department. Take a look at the North Hempstead event calendar for more events and activities.

Map of North Hempstead Things to Do

Sports in North Hempstead, NY

North Hempstead isn’t exactly the type of community to have big sports arenas for football or baseball. Instead, North Hempstead has golfing, provided by the illustrious and well-rated North Hempstead Country Club. As one might expect, it also comes with all the other amenities you’d expect of a country club. Other than that, North Hempstead is home to quite a number of recreational boaters, owing to its position on the water.

North Hempstead, NY Crime

Thinking about moving to this affluent and cultured Long Island community, but wondering if North Hempstead, NY is a safe place to live? As our article on Long Island crime rates elaborated, North Hempstead is an incredibly safe place to live! North Hempstead’s overall crime rate is 94% lower than the national average. The property crime rate is 86% lower than the national average. Meanwhile, the violent crime rate is 98% lower than the national average.

Here’s how North Hempstead compares in crime to three cities of similar size:

  • Buffalo, NY – 169% higher than North Hempstead
  • Rochester, NY – 172% higher than North Hempstead
  • Yonkers, NY – 50% higher than North Hempstead
  • Syracuse, NY – 150% higher than North Hempstead

Compared to other cities of its size, North Hempstead consistently beats out the competition in terms of safety. North Hempstead is served in law enforcement matters by a wide variety of village-specific police departments – see the North Hempstead list of police departments to see which one will apply to you.

Jobs in North Hempstead, NY

With plenty of industry and New York City just around the corner, you’ll never struggle to find a job here! According to Payscale, the most popular positions of employment are Registered Nurse, Electrical Engineer, and Associate Attorney. The largest employers in the area, and by extension, the best places to work in North Hempstead, are Hofstra University, Northwell Health, and Hempstead Public Schools. The average salary for a worker in North Hempstead is $65k a year, while the average hourly wage is $18.95.

North Hempstead is filled with job opportunities of all sorts! Check out the latest listings for jobs in North Hempstead, NY, or visit the city job board.

North Hempstead, NY Schools & Colleges

North Hempstead is served by the Hempstead Union Free School District for public schools, with 63% of its schools rated “Above Average” by GreatSchools. Some of the best schools you’ll find in and around North Hempstead include the David Paterson School, Webb Academy Charter School, and Hempstead High. This township and the surrounding area also have plenty of private schools to choose from.

Nearby institutions of higher learning include the NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine and the Nassau Community College.

North Hempstead’s students and reading types are primarily served by the Manhasset Library.

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