Thinking of Moving to Islip NY? 🤷‍♀️ | [2022] COMPLETE Guide to Living in Islip Long Island

One of ten  towns in Suffolk County, NY, the Town of Islip is one of the most charming areas of Long Island’s South Shore. Islip is known for its state parks, marinas, golf courses, and beaches with amenities that draw in millions of visitors every year. Even though it’s the third largest town in New York, Islip offers a small-town feel with great schools and tons of family-friendly attractions.

Islip’s history goes back to 1664 when Matthias Nicoll and his son relocated from Islip, England. William Nicoll purchased most of modern-day Islip from Sachem Winnequaheagh of Connetquot and his 50,000-acre plantation was named Islip Grange for his hometown. The town grew slowly but quickly became a major tourist destination by the mid-1800s with the arrival of the Long Island Rail Road. It transformed from a farming and whaling community into a summer resort with hotels, summer homes, and diesel-powered ferries.

Today, the Town of Islip offers a great quality of life less than 40 miles outside New York City. Here’s what you’ll love about living in Islip, Long Island!

Where Is Islip New York? | Location & Transportation

The Town of Islip is in Suffolk County on the south shore of Long Island. It’s bordered by the towns of Babylon, Smithtown, Brookhaven, and the Atlantic Ocean on the Great South Bay. It’s 40 miles from Islip to Queens and 43 miles to Brooklyn.

Getting around Islip is easy thanks to several major roads, a major airport, ferries, bus service, and a railroad line. Major highways and roads include:

  • The Long Island Expressway (I-495) running through the town in Ronkonkoma and Brentwood
  • Heckscher State Parkway runs north-south through West Islip to Heckscher State Park
  • Southern State Parkway runs through Babylon into Islip
  • Robert Moses Causeway runs south-north through Islip to Robert Moses State Park
  • Ocean Parkway runs from Captree State Park to Jones Beach Island

Public Transportation in Islip, NY

Islip is served by Suffolk County Transit buses with several routes throughout the town. You can use the TransLoc app to track SCT buses live with accurate times. You can see the complete Suffolk County Transit bus system map here.

After moving to Islip, you’ll also be served by the Long Island Rail Road with two lines serving the town.

  • The Montauk Branch runs from Babylon village to Blue Point hamlet in the Town of Brookhaven with stations in Bayshore, Central Islip, East Islip, Oakdale, and Sayville, and Bayport.
  • The Main Line runs through northern Islip with stations in Central Islip, Ronkonkoma, and Brentwood. It’s the main transportation hub for Islip and on the Islip-Brookhaven Town Line.

You can also take the Islip ferry which departs from Sayville and Bayshore and leads to Brookhaven and other Islip villages and hamlets. Ferries to Fire Island depart from Seaview, Saltaire, Ocean Beach, and other Islip communities.

Islip Airport

The Town of Islip is home to Long Island MacArthur Airport (ISP), the largest Long Island airport after LaGuardia Airport (LGA) and John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), both in Queens about 40 minutes away. It offers a more convenient alternative and it’s been named one of the Top 10 Small Airports in America with flights to about a dozen East Coast destinations.


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Islip Population & Demographics

The population of Islip, New York is 339,938 according to the 2020 Census. Covering 163 square miles, the Town of Islip is comprised of four incorporated villages, 24 unincorporated hamlets, and other small communities.

Islip Population by Village & Hamlet

Here are the largest hamlets and villages in the Town of Islip, New York by population. The four villages are italicized.

Islip Community Population Location Notes
Brentwood 62,387
Central Islip 36,714
West Islip 27,048
Holbrook 26,487 Partially in Town of Brookhaven
Bay Shore 26,244
Hauppauge 20,083 Partially in Town of Smithtown
North Bay Shore 19,619
Ronkonkoma 18,995 Partially in the Town of Brookhaven
Holtsville 18,937 Partially in Town of Brookhaven
Lake Ronkonkoma 18,619 Partially in Towns of Smithtown & Brookhaven
Islip (hamlet) 18,418
Sayville 16,569
East Islip 13,931
Bohemia 9,852
Bayport 8,609
Islip Terrace 5,323
Baywood 7,726
Oakdale 7,430
West Sayville 5,010
Islandia (village) 3,300
Brightwaters (village) 3,100
Ocean Beach (village) <100
Saltaire (village) <100

Islip Demographics

The following are the demographics of the entire Town of Islip:

  • Population density: 3,223 people/square mile
  • Median age: 38.6
  • Median household income: $103,629
  • Educational attainment: 31% bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Sex ratio: 50% female, 50% male over 18
  • Race and ethnicity: 70.2% white (51.8% white non-Hispanic), 34.2% Hispanic, 9.3% Black or African American, 3.7% Asian, 0.4% American Indian, 4.9% two or more races

The demographics of Islip, NY vary significantly by community. For instance, there are many large communities with a minority-majority like Central Islip (52% Hispanic) and Brentwood (72% Hispanic). Brentwood is one of the most densely populated communities on Long Island with 5,525 people per square mile! West Islip demographics show it’s one of the most affluent areas of Islip with median household income of $132,500.

Where to Live in Islip – Best Islip Villages & Hamlets

Ready to explore the best neighborhoods in Islip? There are dozens of villages, hamlets, and small communities to explore, each with something unique to offer. Here are some of the top Islip communities for families, commuters, and more!

Hauppauge –Great Parks, Job Opportunities & Easy Commutes

The hamlet of Hauppauge is home to about 20,000 people and it’s one of the most popular places to live on the South Shore for commuters. You’ll find plenty of blue collar and white collar jobs in the area with the large Hauppauge industrial park. Hauppauge is one of the most expensive places to buy a house in Islip, but it has some of the lowest property taxes.

You’ll love the good school district and easy access to great beaches and parks in the towns of Smithtown and Islip including the 600-acre Blydenburgh County Park! Commuters love the easy access to Northern State Parkway and Long Island Expressway.

West Islip – Affluent Community with Beaches & Easy Access to Fire Island

West Islip is a popular hamlet in Islip known for its beautiful Great South Bay beaches, the most famous of which is West Islip Beach. It offers easy access to Fire Island and Robert Moses State Park, but home prices are higher than average. You’ll love being close to the amenities of Bay Shore with nearby fishing and swimming.


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East Islip – Popular with Families, Boaters & Outdoor Enthusiasts

East Islip is a great community if you love the outdoors and want access to great parks and recreation. Home to the large East Islip Marina Park and other private and public marinas, it also boasts the large Heckscher State Park, one of Long Island’s most-visited parks, East Islip is also more affordable than many communities in the area. It was once known for its large estates but now it’s home to affluent, small neighborhoods.

Ronkonkoma – Suburban Area Great for Families

This mostly suburban community offers many affordable areas because it’s inland from the North Shore, South Shore, and NYC. While it doesn’t have nightlife, it offers great schools plus Lake Ronkonkoma with its sandy shores and recreation. There’s an LIRR station in Lake Ronkonkoma plus MacArthur Airport and the Long Island Expressway runs through the hamlet.

Bay Shore – Exciting South Shore Community with Shopping & Recreation

Bay Shore is one of the most exciting places to live on the South Shore and it seemingly has it all for families and millennials. It’s known for its resorts, shopping, and upscale townhomes and gated communities. You’ll love living next to Westfield South Shore mall plus the Bay Shore Marina and Shipwreck Cove Spray Park, one of the best things to do on Long Island with kids.

Sayville – Charming & Walkable Downtown and Beaches

Sayville is a desirable Long Island community and the gateway to Fire Island and Sailors Haven, famous for the Sunken Forest. It’s best known for its walkable and quaint downtown which has not been redeveloped and modernized with fast food and big name establishments like many communities.

Town of Islip Cost of Living

Islip, NY is an expensive place to live, but affordable compared to the New York City cost of living! While nearby Manhattan has a cost of living index (COLI) of 255, the cost of living in Islip, Long Island is 38% higher than the national average with a COLI of 138.

In general, you’ll pay about 22% more than the national average for goods and services while living in Islip and 17% more for transportation and health care. Housing is the biggest factor that makes living on the South Shore, Long Island expensive.

According to the Economic Policy Institute’s Family Budget Calculator, a family of four living in Suffolk County, NY needs to earn $142,000 or $11,900 per month to afford a modest lifestyle in the county. The biggest expense is child care estimated at almost $3,000 per month for two kids!

You’ll notice the cost of living varies significantly by community in Islip, mostly due to home prices, school districts, and Suffolk County property taxes.

The median home price in Islip is $500,000 and homes are assessed at 9.28% of their full value. About 69% of Town of Islip property taxes go toward the school and library district followed by county and police (15%), special districts (6%), town/highway (6%), and 4% (garbage district). Your Town of Islip taxes will be based on where you live and your districts.

The median property tax bill in Suffolk County is $9,472 which is 3x higher than the U.S. average but more than $5,000 less than the median tax bill in Nassau County.

You can learn more about the Long Island cost of living with our complete guide.

Islip Crime Rate – Is Islip, NY Safe?

Before moving to Islip, New York, you probably want to know whether it’s a safe place to live. The crime rate depends on the hamlet or neighborhood, but Islip is a safe place to live.

Brentwood, NY is the largest community in Islip with over 60,000 people. The mostly working-class communities of Brentwood and Central Islip have some of the highest crime rates in the area with more than 2,400 crimes per 100,000 – but that’s still right at the national average!

In very safe areas like Holbrook, the crime rate is 36% below the national average.

While living in Islip, you will be served by the Islip Department of Public Safety Enforcement and the Suffolk County Police Department.

Islip Weather & Climate

Islip, Long Island has a humid continental climate (Dfa) or a humid subtropical climate (Cfa) depending on the classification. After moving to Islip, you’ll enjoy a comfortable average temperature of 32 °F in January to 75 °F in July. It’s only below freezing about 16 days out of the year with highs above 90 degrees about 8 days a year.

You’ll get about 47” of annual rainfall, well above the U.S. average, and 27” of annual snowfall. Make sure you bring a good raincoat!

Note that typical weather varies depending on where you live with a different climate closer to the coast. Many communities along the water also tend to flood. For example, West Islip weather comes with 45” of annual rainfall and 27” of snow while Sayville on the coast gets 48” of rain and 28” of snow per year with slightly colder winters.

The best time to visit Islip is June or August to September to avoid the hot, humid summer weather and chilly, wet winters.

Things to Do in Islip Long Island

Ready to explore the many fun activities in the Town of Islip? Whether you’re looking for things to do in Brentwood, NY, East Islip, or Sayville, you’ll find great beaches, pools, parks, rec centers, and more in every community.

Make sure you check the Islip town calendar for upcoming community events!

Town of Islip Parks & Beaches

  • Fire Island National Seashore offers 30 miles of protected coastline on Fire Island accessible by ferry from several Islip communities like Sayville. It’s home to the Sunken Forest and Lighthouse Beach in Bay Shore.
  • Bayport Beach offers a fishing dock and large playground. It’s one of the most popular Islip beaches and next to one of the best Town of Islip marinas.
  • Islip Beach is one of the most popular South Shore, Long Island beaches and very busy during the summer!
  • Sayville Beach is a small, quiet beach without crowds, perfect for soaking up the sun, reading a book, or visits with small kids.
  • West Islip Beach is located next to the West Islip Marina with sandy shores and playground equipment.
  • East Islip Marina Park offers 256 boat slips with a small public park, playground, and athletic field.
  • Brookwood Hall Park (East Islip) is a 35-acre park with a lake, picnic grounds, playgrounds, trails, and fishing.
  • Robert Moses State Park (Fire Island) is a stunning 875-acre oceanfront park that receives over 3.8 million visitors every year.
  • Heckscher State Park (East Islip) is located on the Great South Bay and it offers peaceful bay beaches, hiking trails, disc golf, a playground, campgrounds, and recreation programs.
  • Brentwood State Park (Brentwood) is a 52-acre athletics facility with soccer and baseball fields featuring synthetic turf.
  • Bayard Cutting Arboretum (Great River) Beautiful 690-acre park and arboretum with a 1920s mansion on the Connetquot River.
  • Islip Grange (Sayville) is a 12-acre park with a restored village of historic buildings including a windmill, church, and Sayville Firehouse.

Islip Recreation Centers & Pools


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  • Brentwood Recreation Center offers a playground, softball fields, a boxing ring, and tons of classes and programs for kids and adults.
  • Lake Ronkonkoma Recreation Center offers stunning views, youth programs, a playground, and a sandy beach on Lake Ronkonkoma.
  • Byron Lake Park (Oakdale) is one of the most popular parks and pools in Islip! There’s a large picnic area with grills, a playground, a picturesque lake, the Byron Lake pool with a waterslide, and summer camp for kids.
  • Casamento Pool (Bay Shore) is a top summer destination for Islip residents!
  • Roberto Clemente Pool (Brentwood) is a popular Town of Islip public pool for residents in Timberline Park.
  • Shipwreck Cove Spray Park (Bay Shore) is one of the best Long Island playgrounds and pools and it’s next to the Bay Shore Marina. This mini water park has a pirate theme with slides, a rope bridge, and tons of water features.

Islip Long Island Country Clubs

  • Holbrook Country Club is a popular public golf course with a driving range, restaurant, and pub.
  • Brentwood Country Club is a picturesque town golf course with a challenging 50-acre course and beautiful gardens.
  • Gull Haven Golf Club (Central Islip) is a 9-hole golf course popular with beginners and experienced golfers alike.


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Shopping in Islip, NY

  • Westfield South Shore (Bay Shore) is one of the largest malls on Long Island’s South Shore with 1.16 million square feet of retail space!
  • Islandia Shopping Center is home to major retailers like Walmart and TJ Maxx plus Dave & Busters, a gym, salons, and restaurants.
  • Central Islip Town Center is one of the town’s best shopping centers with major anchors like Target, restaurants, and smaller shops.

Best Islip Restaurants

Long Island is known for its bacon, egg, and cheese (BEC) sandwiches, pizza, and delicatessens, but that’s not all you’ll find while living in Islip, NY. Here are some of the top restaurants in Islip you’ll fall in love with.

Islip Real Estate & Rentals –Average Rent & Houses for Sale in Islip

How much does it cost to live on the South Shore? Depending on the community, you may find it more affordable to buy or rent.

The average rent in Islip is $2,214 compared to the national average of $1,628. Some communities are more or less expensive for renters:

  • Brentwood rent: $1,689
  • Bay Shore rent: $2,055
  • Central Islip rent: $2,212
  • Ronkonkoma rent: $2,467
  • Holbrook rent: $2,499
  • Sayville rent: $2,705

Planning to buy after moving to Islip, New York? The average home price in the Town of Islip is $500,000, up 13.6% year-over-year. By comparison, the median sale price for a home in Suffolk County is $520,000. That makes Islip a fairly affordable area and a steal compared to the median $650,000 in Nassau County!

One of the most expensive places to buy a house is Hauppauge with a median home price of $701,000, up a shocking 30% year-over-year! The desirable West Islip community is also costly. The median price for houses for sale in West Islip NY is $670,000, up almost 33% year-over-year. By comparison, houses for sale in East Islip, NY have a median price of $505,000, close to average for the town.

There are several large communities with more affordable real estate:

  • Lake Ronkonkoma: $475,000
  • Brentwood: $475,000
  • Islip hamlet: $472,000
  • Bay Shore: $463,000
  • Central Islip: $385,000

Middle island areas tend to be more affordable because they’re farther from the North Shore, South Shore, and North Fork. You’ll usually find lower prices in areas without an LIRR station or farther from the Long Island Expressway. In some areas, home prices tend to be lower because they’re in flood zones, require flood insurance, and tend to flood often. If you’re looking for an affordable neighborhood, make sure you do your homework to figure out why the prices are lower and decide if it’s worth it to you!

Islip, NY Schools & Higher Education

Moving to Islip with kids or thinking about starting a family? Choosing where to live is complicated with 125 Long Island school districts and 11 districts in the Town of Islip alone!

Here’s an overview of the Islip schools and which areas they serve.

Town of Islip School Districts
District NYSED Report Card What to Know
Bay Shore School District Bay Shore UFSD Award-winning music education
Bayport–Blue Point School District Bayport-Blue Point UFSD National Blue Ribbon school
Brentwood School District Brentwood UFSD One of the largest NY high schools, target district
Central Islip School District Central Islip UFSD Target district
Connetquot Central School District Connetquot CSD Serves Bohemia, Oakdale & Ronkonkoma
East Islip School District East Islip UFSD 3,600 students enrolled in 6 schools
Hauppauge School District Hauppauge UFSD Hauppauge High is in the top 10% nationwide
Islip School District Islip UFSD Serves the hamlet of Islip
Sachem School District Sachem CSD One of the largest Long Island districts serving all of Holbrook, Holtsville & Farmingdale
Sayville School District Sayville UFSD Serves Sayville & West Sayville
West Islip School District West Islip UFSD National Blue Ribbon school

Town of Islip Jobs & Average Salary

Ready to explore career options after moving to Long Island’s South Shore? Long Island has no Fortune 500 companies, but it has many school districts, offices, factories, and resorts. Popular industries in the area include education, health care, bio-medical research, agriculture, aviation, and hospitality. The Town of Islip is home to Fire Island, one of the top summer tourist destinations, and several communities that attract local Long Islanders and out-of-state visitors like Islip hamlet and Sayville.

Here are major employers in the Town of Islip:

  • Piping Rock Health Products in Bohemia
  • South Shore University Hospital in Bay Shore
  • Long Island Rail Road (careers)
  • Suffolk County
  • Town of Islip (jobs)
  • Long Island MacArthur Airport in Ronkonkoma (jobs)
  • Nature’s Bounty
  • ABH Pharma
  • Ascent Pharmaceuticals
  • AlphaMed
  • Collins Aerospace
  • North Atlantic Industries (aviation)
  • CVD Equipment (manufacturing)
  • Sartorius (manufacturing)
  • Sachem School District (careers)
  • Brentwood School District (careers)

One of the largest employment centers is the Hauppauge Industrial Park, one of the largest on the East Coast with 14 million square feet of R&D and industrial space and 3 million square feet of office space. Major companies include Ropack Pharmaceuticals, Globecomm Systems, Amneal Pharmaceuticals, LNK International, and Bactolac Pharmaceuticals.

The average salary in Islip is $65,000, but average income varies significantly by hamlet.

Pros & Cons of Living in Islip NY

  • Pro: Great beaches and parks
  • Pro: Good school districts
  • Pro: Lower cost of living than Nassau County & North Shore
  • Con: Some areas prone to flooding
  • Con: High crime rate in some communities

Does moving to Islip, Long Island sound like the perfect decision for you? Give us a call at Zippboxx to discuss your upcoming relocation. We’ll help you settle into your new Long Island community in no time so you can start enjoying everything the Islip area has to offer!

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