What’s Living in Oceanside, NY Like? | [2022] 🏆 ULTIMATE Moving to Oceanside Guide

Located on the South Shore of Long Island is the beautiful hamlet of Oceanside NY. Originally known as South Bay, the English government established a township there and named it Christian Hook based on their religious roots. The land quickly developed and oyster sales began to rocket in the area. In the nineteenth century, residents decided that Oceanside sounded better than Christian Hook, so the new name became official. Ever since then, a variety of different people have come to live in the city. Many young adults are attracted to the city thanks to Oceanside’s great economy offering good job opportunities and fun activities. It’s also the gateway to the beautiful South Shore beaches of Long Island. Luckily, residents feel safe in their homes thanks to Oceanside’s crime rates being 54% lower than the national average. Notable people from Oceanside, NY include former Disney CEO Bob Iger, NFL Player Jay Fielder, and actress Lori Loughlin.

Oceanside, NY Population & Demographics

Oceanside has a steady population growth of 1.55%. The population of Oceanside, NY is 31,185. The racial demographics in Oceanside are 85% White, 8.13% Hispanic, 2.26% Asian, 0.741% African American, and 2.37% other races. The median household income in Oceanside is $114,938, which is a 4.98% increase from last year! While the median age is 43.2 in Oceanside, there are mainly young professionals living in the area. There are many different marriage and family situations in Oceanside with 60% of people being married. Males make up 49% of Oceanside’s population, while females make up 51%. 

Oceanside is located in Nassau County. The area code for Oceanside is 516. Oceanside’s zip codes are 11510, 11518, and 11572. 

Oceanside Cost of Living

Living in Oceanside is not very affordable. Living in Oceanside is 39.6% more costly to live in than the New York average. The housing market in Oceanside plays a big part in the steep prices residents see. Housing in Oceanside is 94% more expensive than New York’s average. The housing market in Oceanside is a little competitive with homes being sold within 40 days for the original asking price, so now is the perfect time to buy one of the many stunning homes for sale in Oceanside, NY before prices begin to rise! The average cost of a home in Oceanside is $570,000 or $353 per square foot. More than 88% of Oceanside’s residents own their home, however there are still people looking to rent. Fortunately, the rent trends in Oceanside have been trending downwards by 12%. If you’re interested in renting, you can expect to pay around $1,950. 

While the everyday essentials in Oceanside aren’t the most affordable, it is good to keep in mind that the average Oceanside resident is making more than the average New Yorker. Utilities are 9% more expensive than the New York average and health care is 6% more costly than the state’s average. Groceries in Oceanside are only 4% more expensive than the rest of New York, so your bill shouldn’t be too pricey. For other common products, you’ll pay around these prices: 

Oceanside NY Cost of Items (Everyday Expenses)

  • Meal at a restaurant: $15.00
  • Fast food meal: $8.00
  • Gallon of milk: $4.50
  • Gallon of gas: $2.59
  • Internet: $50.00

Oceanside, NY Neighborhoods

There are plenty of awesome neighborhoods to choose from in Oceanside, so you’re bound to find one that fits all your needs. The most popular Oceanside neighborhoods are Kings Highway, Oceanside Cove, and Rockaway Avenue. Kings Highway is one of the more expensive neighborhoods in Oceanside with intricately designed houses with beautifully landscaped yards. Kings Highway is also fairly close to Long Island beaches, so you can visit the nearby beaches there. Oceanside Cove is an exclusive private community in Oceanside. Within a gated property, security guards are available at all times, so residents can go to bed with a peace of mind that they will be safe. Rockaway Avenue is a smaller, more affordable neighborhood that is right off the freeway, making it convenient for residents that need to travel to bigger cities for work. 

Oceanside, NY Weather

With Oceanside’s humid continental climate, the city has contrasting seasons with varying temperatures. Oceanside’s summers are warm and humid with highs of 82°F and lows of 70°F. Meanwhile, the winters in Oceanside are cold and windy with an average high temperature of 43°F and low temperature of 27°F. Oceanside’s climate allows for much precipitation with the city getting an average of 45 inches of rainfall and 23 inches of snowfall a year. While some may want to avoid cold winters, many residents love that they can ice skate, ski, and sled during the holiday season. There are also about 172 days of sunshine in Oceanside, which is when people go outside to spend time out at parks and other hiking trails. 

Things to Do in Oceanside, NY

Wanna check out the different activities Oceanside has to offer? If so, look over the most popular things to do in Oceanside down below: 

Marine Nature Study Area

If you’re looking to take your kids somewhere fun, the Marine Nature Study Area is the perfect place to go. Your kids will love to look at the wildlife, and it’s a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

500 Slice Dr, Oceanside, NY 11572, (516) 766-1580

Oceanside Park

Wondering what to do on a hot summer day? OceansidePark has many sports fields for people to enjoy including tennis, basketball, handball, and volleyball courts. There is also an outdoor pool that residents love to take advantage of when they need a cool off from a sunny day. 

3800 Mahlon Brower Dr, Oceanside, NY 11572, (516) 763-0709

There are many convenient shopping places in Oceanside, including Sands Shopping Center, Oceanside Plaza, and Great Lincoln Shopping Center. 

Additional Things To Do Near Oceanside

Oceanside NY Map

Explore additional things to do, please to eat and more with this map of Oceanside NY

Oceanside, NY Restaurants

Wondering what restaurants to try out when you get here? We’ve found the best restaurants in Oceanside below:

Ben’s Crab

Looking to support small businesses? Ben’s Crabs is a local seafood restaurant that residents rave about. This place specializes in making crabs, oysters, shrimp, and other shellfish, so all seafood lovers are welcomed here!

3451 Long Beach Rd, Oceanside, NY 11572, (516) 665-9912


Craving comfort food? If so, you’ll want to head over to EGP to try out some of their best farm-to-table dishes! The most popular items on their menu include their egg white frittata, brunch salad, quiche, bacon jam waffle, and deep fried stuffed french toast. With hundreds of positive reviews complimenting their friendly staff and delicious food, you won’t want to miss out on EGP!

2823 Long Beach Rd, Oceanside, NY 11572, (516) 766-9547

Jobs in Oceanside, NY

The median household salary in Oceanside is $114,938. There are currently 16,039 people working in Oceanside, which is a 2.32% growth from last year. The majority of jobs in Oceanside are found in retail, health care and social assistance, and educational services.The highest paying industries in Oceanside are public administration, finance, insurance, and real estate. Oceanside residents have a typical longer commute time of 36.3 minutes since many people travel to bigger cities like Brooklyn or Manhattan for their job. If you’re planning on commuting to Brooklyn, you can click here for directions from Oceanside, NY to Brooklyn, NY, which is  45 minutes away. Oceanside NY to NYC is 29.5 miles and an hour, so if you plan to commute there click here for directions from Oceanside, NY to NYC.

Schools in Oceanside, NY

There are plenty of amazing schools to choose from here in Oceanside. The most popular schools in Oceanside are School 9e-Boardman Elementary School, School 4-South Oceanside Road, School 8-Fulton Avenue, and School 7-Oceanside Senior High School. All of these schools are complimented on their students’ progress, test scores, and diverse environment. There are also plenty of good private schools to choose from in Oceanside like Castleton Academy High School of Oceanside, Bright Star Academy, and Little Minds Montessori House of Children. Any of those private schools are perfect for kids that need increased individualized teaching time within a smaller group of students. 

Living in Oceanside Pros & Cons

  • Pro: There are several awesome Oceanside neighborhoods to choose from
  • Pro: Oceanside has many tasty restaurants for you to try out
  • Con: The city is one of the more expensive cities to live in in New York

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