Hempstead NY Crime Rate | 👮 Is Hempstead Safe? [Data, Stats, Reports, Map]

Is Hempstead a safe place to live? Read on and find out all about the Hempstead crime rate, including property & violent crime, Hempstead crime maps, the most dangerous areas in Hempstead, and the safest places in town to live.

Are you visiting or planning on moving to Hempstead? The crime rate in Hempstead ranks well below the national average compared to other US cities. It is considered one of the safest places to live on Long Island and in the New York City area. Hempstead residents generally consider the southeast part of the city to be the safest area to live in.

Hempstead is in Nassau County, which was ranked as the safest county in the United States in 2020 by U.S. News. The ranking takes into account the crime rate, fatal accidents, and community spending on emergency and health services. The report noted that over 82% of the county’s population lives close to emergency facilities, which is much higher than the national average of 37%. 

This complete guide to the crime rate in Hempstead, NY will tell you everything you need to know about crime in the area and how Hempstead compares to other cities across the country. 

Understanding the Hempstead Crime Rate

When you look at the crime rate data in Hempstead, it’s very important that you understand what the crime rates mean. Hempstead’s crime rates are based on FBI Uniform Crime Statistics (2019) data and are reported as the number of crimes per 100,000 people. Statistics are compiled based on four violent crime categories, including murder and rape, and four property crime categories, including burglary and auto theft. These 8 types of crimes were chosen because they are considered serious crimes, and they best reflect your risk of being the victim of crime. 

What is the Hempstead crime rate?

  • 1,581 total crimes per 100,000 people
  • 536 violent crimes per 100,000 people
  • 1,045 property crimes per 100,000 people

The national crime rate is 2,580 total crimes, 382 violent crimes, and 2,362 crimes per 100,000 people. As you can see, Hempstead ranks well below the national average in total crime, although the violent crime rate is higher than the national average.

Hempstead Crime Map

The Nassau county crime map is a good way to see where the majority of crimes are being committed in Hempstead and which areas might be safer for you to live in. The Nassau county crime map site also has information on current trends and allows you to view the local crime analytics by crime type over the last month or several months. 

Property Crime in Hempstead

There were 579 property crimes in Hempstead in 2019 including:

  • 348 thefts
  • 120 burglaries
  • 111 car thefts 

In 2021, property crime in Hempstead is projected to decline by about 30% overall. Burglaries are expected to drop about 75%, and thefts are expected to go down 24%. Vehicular thefts are trending down by 10%. 

Violent Crime in Hempstead

There were 297 violent crimes in Hempstead in 2019 including:

  • 178 aggravated assaults
  • 101 robberies
  • 11 rapes
  • 7 murders

Violent crime in Hempstead is expected to drop by about 6% in 2021. Although aggravated assaults are estimated to go up by 8%, robberies are anticipated to drop by 24%, murders by 43%, and rape by 19%.

The crime outlook for Hempstead for both violent and property crimes is good for 2021.

Hempstead Crime Comparison 

Crime in Hempstead Compared to similar-sized cities

  • 66% more crime in Decatur, AL than Hempstead
  • 63% more crime in Anderson, IN compared to Hempstead
  • 31% less crime in Weymouth Town, MA vs Hempstead
  • 16% less crime in Pflugerville, TX vs Hempstead
  • 58% more crime in l South Hill, WA than in Hempstead 

Crime in Hempstead compared to New York City

  • 7% more violent crime per capita in NYC than in Hempstead
  • 70% fewer murders per capita in NYC than in Hempstead
  • 40% more rape per capita in NYC than in Hempstead
  • 15% more assaults per capita in NYC than in Hempstead
  • 29% more property crime per capita in NYC than in Hempstead
  • 46% fewer burglaries per capita in NYC than in Hempstead
  • 51% more theft per capita in NYC than in Hempstead
  • 66% fewer auto thefts per capita in NYV than in Hempstead
  • 23% more total crime per capita in NYC than in Hempstead

Crime in Hempstead compared to the rest of New York

Total crime in Hempstead is 9% below the average in New York. Violent crime is 33% higher than the New York average, and property crime is 50% lower than the average in New York. 

High Crime Areas of Hempstead

More crimes occur in the northwest part of Hempstead than anywhere else. However, this is mainly because there are more retail establishments in the northwest part of the city. Many of the crimes committed here are in retail areas away from where most people live. Most Hemstead residents consider the southwest area of Hempstead to be the most dangerous. Your chances of becoming a victim of a crime can be as high as 1 in 54 in the southwest neighborhoods and only about 1 in 169 in southeast Hempstead. 

Safest Neighborhoods in Hempstead

The southeast part of Hempstead is considered to be the safest part of the city. Here are some of the safest places to live in Hempstead:

  • Milburn Ave / Weir St
  • South Hempstead
  • Long Beach Rd / Baldwin Rd
  • Clinton St / Lincoln Blvd
  • Jerusalem Ave / Spencer Pl
  • Perry St / Front St
  • S Franklin St / Peninsula Blvd
  • Fulton Ave / Main St
  • Fulton Ave / N Franklin St
  • Fulton Ave / Fairview Blvd

Hempstead Safety Tips – How to Avoid Crime in Hempstead

  • A home security system helps prevent theft in your home. Burglars tend to look for easy targets, homes where they have the least risk of detection, the highest possibility for gain, and the greatest opportunity for escape. 
  • Avoid high crime areas of Hempstead, especially the northwest retail areas of town. 
  • Hempstead has 8 parks and recreational areas, which can be high crime locations. Few people live around them, but many people visit them. Crimes mostly occur where people are, so you should take precautions in these areas. 
  • Hofstra University in northeast Hempstead reported more crimes in 2019 than 85% of colleges and universities in the country. 98.4% of all incidents occurred on-campus. Avoid becoming a victim on campus by parking in well lit arêas, not walking with a phone in your hand, not using headphones, and walking in groups. 

Hempstead Police Department

The Village of Hempstead Police Department was established in 1875 and has approximately 112 sworn police officers, 10 full-time civilians, and 31 part-time civilians. The police department serves about 70,000 people in the Hempstead area.

The Village of Hempstead Police Department consists of 1 precinct and is made up of 10 divisions, including the Domestic Violence Unit, Investigations, the Juvenile Aid Bureau, the Narcotics, Gang & Gun Information Hotline, and the Traffic & Safety Bureau.

Hempstead Crime Rate FAQ

Is Hempstead safer than New York City?

Although Hempstead is close to NYC, it has a crime rate much lower than the average US city, ranking in the 89th percentile for safety. Hempstead is safer than NYC.

Is Hempstead dangerous?

Hempstead is not considered a dangerous place to live, even though it has a violent crime rate that is 41% above the national average. The overall crime rate in Hempstead is 36% below the national average, and the property crime rate is 50% below the national average. Hempstead is safer than 22% of the cities in the United States.


What is the crime rate in Hempstead, New York?

The Hempstead crime rate is 876 total crimes, 297 violent crimes, and 579 property crimes per capita. The national crime rate is 2,580 total crimes, 382 violent crimes, and 2,362 property crimes per capita.  

Hempstead is located on Long Island, which is considered to be one of the safest places to live in New York State. With a crime rate much lower than the national average, you won’t have any problem finding a safe neighborhood to live in when moving to Hempstead.Once you’ve found that perfect home in a safe neighborhood in Hempstead that you can call your own, give our Hempstead friendly movers at Zippboxx Moving & Storage a call at 631-600-0000 for a free moving quote. We’ll be glad to help you move, and we’ll get settled in so you can start enjoying all the great things Hempstead has to offer. 

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