FAQs | Zippboxx


1How does Zippboxx work?
Our on-demand storage service provides plastic bins, wardrobe boxes, files boxes and other supplies. We can store everything from one bin to an entire home. Pick-ups and deliveries of your items can be easily scheduled on our website or by calling us.
2How can I see my items online?
To access your inventory, go to https://my.zippboxx.com and simply log into your account. Click on the menu and choose “Items in storage”. There you can find all your items.
3Can I change or cancel my reservation?
Yes, changing or canceling your reservation requires 24-hour notice. You can change or cancel your appointment easily by logging into your account and following the steps or by clicking on contact us. You may also call our office directly at 1-844-220-2551. If you cancel or reschedule less than 24-hours in advance you will forfeit your pick-up or delivery deposit.
4How much time do I have to pack my belongings after I receive my boxes?
Once we drop off our bins or boxes you have two weeks to schedule a pick-up of your items.
5Do you provide packing supplies?
Yes, you can order packing supplies after selecting bins and boxes. We have bubble wrap, packaging tape, and mattress bags. If you need anything else just let us know and we will work it out!
6How quickly can I have access to my items in storage?
It generally takes between 24-48 hours from the time of request. If you need your items in less that 24 hours, please call us at 1.844.220.2551 to make arrangements. Additional fees may apply for expedited returns.
7Does Zippboxx outsource?
No, Zippboxx does not use a third party to store your belongings.
8What do I do when I am done using Zippboxx?
We will be sad to see you go, but we have made this process very simple. For item storage plans, your storage commitment ends when your storage items are returned. Just login and request all of your items to be delivered.

Deliveries & Collections

1How do I schedule a return delivery of my items?
Simple! Just log in to your account and select all or some of your boxes from the “Items in storage” section, then click on "Schedule Delivery."
2What is your coverage area?
We primarily serve Long Island, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. If you are not in our coverage area, Call us at 844-220-2551 and we may still be able to help.
3Can I get my belongings delivered to a different address?
Absolutely. Just enter the address you need your items delivered to. If you want your items delivered to another person, please enter their information in the special instructions section. For the delivery, make sure they have photo ID so we can ensure that your belongings are being delivered to the correct person.
4What happens if I cancel or change a collection or delivery or if I am not available to receive it?
If you need to reschedule or cancel a collection or delivery we require a 24-hour notice. If you cancel or reschedule less than 24-hours in advance you will forfeit your deposit.
5When do you drop off the boxes?
Zippboxx will deliver your boxes within 24-48 hours of the request. We deliver 6 days a week and within a 2-hour appointment window.
6Will you pack my belongings for me?
Packing services are available at the same price ($55.00 per hour per team member 1 hour minimum) as our labor rate. When Zippboxx professionals pack your items, we photograph and inventory all items placed into bins and boxes. Loose/bulky items will be photographed, barcoded, and wrapped, for safe transportation and storage.

If you choose to pack your belongings yourself, Zippboxx cannot be held responsible for any damage that occurs to any items or boxes.
7Will you wait while I pack my boxes?
Our team can wait up to 20 minutes for you to pack your belongings. After 20 minutes, standard pick-up and delivery rates associated with your plan choice will apply. You can also schedule a collection time that is different from your drop-off date so you won't have to rush.
8What times can I request to have my boxes delivered?
Monday 8:00am-6pm
Tuesday 8:00am-6pm
Wednesday 8:00am-6pm
Thursday 8:00am-6pm
Friday 8:00am-6pm
Saturday 8:00am-6pm
Closed Sundays.
Customer service Hours are from Monday-Friday 8:00am- 9:00pm and Sat 8:00am-6:00pm
9What days are you closed and do not deliver?
New Year’s Day
Memorial Day
July 4th
Labor Day
Christmas Day
10Can I have my boxes shipped out of state?
Yes, Zippboxx is happy to ship your items to any location in the United States. Please call 1-844-220-2551 for a quote.

Storing With Us

1How will I know if my belongings are secure?
When delivering bins, Zippboxx will provide you with security seals that have a unique identifying number for your items. Once you are finished packing, simply apply the security seals. Once in our storage facility, your items are secured with 24 hour police and fire department monitoring.
2Where are my items stored?
Zippboxx is a fully monitored secure storage facility located at 923 B Motor Parkway Hauppague, NY 11788.
3Are there any items you won’t store?
Yes, we are unable to store any perishable items, breakables, liquids, explosive devices, artwork, mirrors, jewelry, glass, fine art or any illegal substances or illegal drugs. If you are unsure of an item please feel free to contact our office at 1-844-220-2551.
4I have larger items; Can I store them with you?
Yes! Zippboxx can store everything from one bin to an entire home. please call 1-844-220-2551 if you are unsure about an item.
5How do I know how many boxes I need?
There is no limit to how many boxes you can order. Zippboxx will only charge for boxes that are used. If you need additional boxes you can easily order more online or call our office. Our Drivers will always have extra boxes on hand.

Box dimensions:
Heavy-duty plastic boxes: 27” long x 17” wide x 12” high
Wardrobe: 4’ tall x 2’ wide x 2’ deep
File: 15” long x 10” wide x 12” high
6Where are my belongings stored?
Zippboxx stores your items at our 24-hour monitored and alarmed storage facility. Our facility is pest-free and equipped with fire-prevention and sprinkler systems.
7Are there weight limits on my storage?
Weight of objects will be part of determining how many professionals will be part of your move. Anything over 55lbs will require two team members.
8Can I pick up my items myself?
Sure! Give us a call 24-36 hours in advance and we will have your belongings waiting for you at our facility.
9Do you insure my belongings?
Yes. All items are insured up to $0.60 per pound. This comes complimentary with all plans.
10What happens if I have to file an Insurance claim?
Please contact Zippboxx at 1-844-220-2551.
11Can I purchase additional insurance?
Our basic insurance comes complimentary with all of our services but you can upgrade your insurance coverage by paying an additional monthly fee.

Basic: $0.60 per pound in coverage
Better: $15 for $1000 in coverage
Best: $25 for $2000 in coverage
1What are your pickup and delivery fees?
Initial Drop off of bins, wardrobe boxes, file boxes and other supplies is free.
Pick-up and delivery rates are $55.00 per hour per team member (1 hour minimum)
2What is the monthly rent?
The plan you choose determines your monthly rent (see pricing). We offer a variety of options to meet everyone’s needs. Click here to see our storage plans.
3How are your prices compared to a self-storage facility?
Not only is Zippboxx cheaper, but with full-service pick-up and delivery it's also more convenient. Zippboxx provides a variety of pricing options, from different size plans to different lengths of stay, and our team of professionals can help you choose the best plan for you.
4Do I have to sign a long-term contract?
For item storage, Zippboxx only requires a 3-month commitment. Once your items are stored, you will be billed on a month to month basis. You can request your items back at anytime, but if it is prior to completing your initial three-month commitment you will be charged for any time remaining.

Example: your Monthly storage fee is $50.00, and you request your items back at the anniversary date of your second month. You will be charged the remaining $50.00 prior to your delivery.
5If I only take back a few of my boxes does my monthly fee decrease?
Yes, you only pay for what you use. However, if you have signed up for a 3 month or 12-month commitment you will need to complete that commitment before moving to a smaller space. If you'd like to renew your commitment once it has expired, we will asses the items you still have in storage and help determine the most cost-effective plan for you.
6How much is it, if I need other deliveries?
All pick up and deliveries after the first free drop off of your supplies go by our standard delivery rates. Our delivery rate is $55.00 per hour per team member (1 hour minimum) required for the job.
7Do you offer discounts for students or Active-Duty Military?
Yes! Please call 1-844-220-2551 for pricing.
8If I have my things returned in the middle of my billing cycle, do I have to pay for the entire month?
Yes, we do not prorate months for storage. If your boxes are delivered out of storage before the next billing cycle you will not be charged for the following month.
9What happens to my belongings if I am late making a payment?
Please contact us as soon as possible so we can work with you. A late fee will be added at a rate of 20% will be added to your account. In some cases, if your account is not paid we may not return your boxes and take legal action.
10What form of payment do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards as payment. You will have to provide your credit card information at the time you place your order. Your account will then be automatically charged monthly.
11How do I update my billing or contact information?
You can update any personal or billing information easily by logging into your account at My.zippboxx.com or calling us at 1-844-220-2551.
12What happens if I change my mind and send back all my boxes empty without storing anything?
If you decide you do not need to store with Zippboxx you will forfeit your non-refundable deposit.
13Do you have a grace period if my payment is late?
Yes. We offer a 10-day grace period. After the 10-day grace period is up you will be charged a late fee.
14How much is the late fee?
The late fee is 20% of your monthly bill.
15I have a question that was not covered here.
Please call us at 1-844-220-2551 with any question you have or you can go online and chat.