How To Pack Your Zippboxx Bin

So the signature green Zippboxx bins (27” long x 17” wide x 12” high) that you ordered were just dropped off to your doorstep. Now what? No need to worry, we’ve got you covered! Take a look below at our tips on how to pack, photograph and secure your bin!

Packing Your Bin
When packing your bin, one of the main things you want to consider is matching up similar items to one another. That way, when you schedule that bin to be delivered back to you, inside will be all things that tend to go together, things you’d typically want back at the same time. For example: packing all of your Christmas decorations in one bin, packing all of your seasonal summer clothing in another, and so on, is a prudent idea.

Other Helpful Zippboxx Bin Packing Tips:

  1. Use bubble wrap, towels, wash cloths and other like materials to make sure that your more fragile things are stored safe and snug in the bin. The more full your bin is, the less likely the things in your bin will be moving around during pick-up and delivery. 
  2. Rolling up clothing, towels, throws and sheets is typically more effective in utilizing the space in the bin than folding them is. For larger things like comforters and heavy blankets, you may want to consider using vacuum sealed bags to save on space.
  3. Do not pack out just one side of your bin with heavy items. Instead spread them throughout the bin so that the weight is more balanced. This not only makes the bin much easier to handle, it also puts less strain on your stuff that’s inside of the bin!

Photographing Your Bin
Before you go ahead and close up that bin, it’s time now to take an overhead shot of what’s inside your bin.

Log-in to your Zippboxx account, go to the menu and click on Items With You.

There you should see a list of your items with generic images, and more importantly a barcode that begins with the hashtag symbol and consists of a mixture of letters and numbers.

Match the barcode on your bin to the one in your online inventory and click on the camera icon to take and upload an overhead photo of what’s inside that bin to your account. 

After that, click on the pencil icon in the lower right side corner to title your bin and add in a description. Then repeat this process for all of your bins.

Securing Your Bin
Once you’re all done photographing your bin and adding your photos, titles and descriptions to your online inventory, it’s time to break out those zip ties. You should have two very different looking zip ties. One small and black, and the other large and green with a serial code on it.

First off, interlock the teeth of the bin to properly close it. Then take the green, serial coded zip tie, insert it through both holes of one side of your bin and note in the description of that specific bin in your Zippboxx account what that serial number is. Then take the black zip tie and secure the other side of your bin, again making sure that the tie goes through both holes.

Now you’re all set to hand off your bins to be stored with Zippboxx! If you haven’t already, go ahead and schedule when you’d like to have your items picked up through your Zippboxx account, or by calling 844-220-2551 to speak with a representative who can arrange that pickup for you!